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Summer Superleague 2018: Week 17

Week Seventeen Fixtures
Week Seventeen Fixtures

It all comes down to this.
The Verdun Vikings secured their place in the final weeks ago, but for the remaining three teams there is still hope that they can join the Vikings in the final.

First up, the Goose Village Blackrocks will take to the field in what may well be their final game of the season against the Verdun Vikings. Currently two points adrift from second place Griffintown Gaels and at the bottom of the table by virtue of score difference, the Blackrocks have a lot to do. They have to beat the Vikings and overturn a thirty eight point score difference, which is a big ask. However they’ll know that this isn’t impossible, as they watched from the sidelines last week as the Gaels dismantled a depleted Vikings side and won by a nineteen point margin. They’ll have to do even better this time, but if there was ever a time for miracles, then it’s now.
The vikings will have their eyes firmly fixed on the finals, and could almost be forgiven for taken their foot off the gas for this final fixture in order to avoid any last minute injuries, but they’ll also want to go into the final on the back of a solid performance in order to steady the ship after last weeks result. Traditionally, the Vikings rally after a defeat, so this time ought to be no different, and having lost to the Blackrocks in the Winter Superleague final, now might be the perfect time for some revenge.
This promises to be an intense clash, and should set the stage nicely for the second fixture…

…In which we see current second place Griffintown Gaels taking on the Montreal City Blues. And what a turn around the Gaels have had. Back in the middle of July as the season hit it’s midpoint, they were bottom of the table and looked like they’d be lucky to be more than a speedbump for the other teams. But now they stand on the cusp of the finals, having fought their way back into contention, with tenacious performances which culminated in a sound beating of current table toppers, the Verdun Vikings. A win or a draw here will be enough for the Gaels, and they have a comfortable enough points difference that should protect them even in the case of a loss. But standing in their way is another unlikely team, the Montreal City Blues. The Blues have had a rollercoaster of a season, and made themselves the bogey team for the Goose Village Blackrocks in the process, and now they have as good a shot as any to make it into the final. Victory is a must for them here, and like the Blackrocks they will have to overturn a significant score deficit – thirty in total, in order to pip the Gaels to the post. But it’s not impossible and at the end of the day that might just be enough.
By the end of this we’ll know who the men’s football finalists will be, and with a chance at the grand prize on the line, expect this game to be ferocious.

Both these fixtures are on Monday the 24th of September at De La Verendrye Park

7:00pm – Verdun Vikings vs Goose Village Blackrocks
8:00pm – Montreal City Blues vs Griffintown Gaels

Summer Superleague 2018: Week 15

Week Fifteen Fixtures
Week Fifteen Fixtures

The first fixtures after the Eastern Canadian Championships will see Ladies’ Football and Hurling action.

In the ladies’ football, we have a game that could well be the decider for the Griffintown Gaels as they will be squaring up against the Verdun Vikings, who, have just a single path to the final available to them. The Vikings have to win this game, and win their final game against the Goose Village Blackrocks in order to tie on points with the Griffintown Gaels. They will also need to overturn a ten point score deficit over the course of these two games. Anything less than this will mean that the Griffintown Gaels will be joining the Goose Village Blackrocks in the ladies football final.
This is not an easy task, and it might even lead some to prematurely declare that the Vikings season is already over – but anyone who thinks that wasn’t watching the ladies’ teams in action at the Eastern Championships. The Vikings players will be building on their strong performances at the weekend, and the Gaels themselves will know that a place in the finals beckons and will be looking to finish this on their own terms. With so much on the line expect a flowing exhibition of football as both sides give it their all in one final push.

Next, we have a very important game of Hurling as Na Fianna Rouges take on PSC Cu Chulainn. The road to this point has been full of twists and turns. Initially, Na Fianna held their destiny in their own hands, and a win over St. Henri would have been enough to secure their place in the final. But it wasn’t to be, and the Harps struck hard and swung the pendulum back in their direction. But as fate would have it, St Henri failed to capitalise on this, and a loss against table toppers PSC Cu Chulainn shifted momentum back to Na Fianna.
Now as we enter the end game Na Fianna find themselves, one again, with a very simple proposition. Win here and secure a place in the final. Anything else, and they’ll be reliant on PSC beating St Henri in the last game of the season in order to go through.
Anything else, and they’ll be spectators for the final.
PSC for their part will see this as an opportunity to test themselves against a probable finals opponent, Na Fianna have gotten the better of PSC once already this season, so they’ll not want to be complacent. But if ever there was a time to work the kinks out and experiment, then it’s not.
This should be a fast and frantic game of Hurling, and expect both teams to leave it all on the field.

Both these fixtures are on Monday the 10th of September at Trenholm Park

7:00pm – Griffintown Gaels (Ladies) vs Verdun Vikings (Ladies)
8:00pm – Na Fianna Rouges vs PSC Cu Chulainn