Club statement: COVID-19

Hello everyone,
As many of you are aware, the 197th St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Montreal, originally scheduled for
Sunday, March 22nd has been postponed until further notice. The Montreal Shamrocks will also be
postponing our post parade event scheduled to be held at the Black Watch.
Due to current recommendations surrounding large gatherings, we will be cancelling this weekend’s
matches scheduled for March 15th. Our Superleague and Executive Committees will be working on
a plan for the continuation of the Superleague as the situation improves.
We urge our members to take the precautionary measures set forth by the government seriously
and self isolate or self monitor if recommended. The current guideline from the Government of
Quebec is to self isolate if you have returned or intend to return from travel from outside the
province for 14 days, beginning today. In addition, members who have traveled recently to
countries in Europe or Asia should read and follow the protocol from the Canadian government for
that location. Finally, members who have recently returned from a cruise ship should also read and
follow the current guidelines regarding self isolation and self monitoring. Information from both
governments can be found at the links below:
Quebec Guidelines
Federal Guidelines

Wednesday training at the Centre D’Education des Adultes Champlain will be cancelled for this
Wednesday, March 18th. This is due to a previously scheduled building closure and unrelated to the
current COVID-19 guidelines.
We appreciate that this situation can change rapidly and our closely monitoring the
recommendations set forth by the Canadian and Quebec Governments. The safety and health of
our membership is our top priority, and we hope that the Montreal Shamrocks continue to be a
source of community and strength in a difficult time.
Liam Twomey
Montreal Shamrocks GAC

Full Statement can be found here