Montreal Winter Superleague

The Winter Superleague is the Montreal Gaelic Athletic Club’s main competition in the deep, cold, Canadian winter months.

Played at the Loyola Stinger dome during the weekend, and it pits 4 teams against each other for both ladies and gents, as well as three hurling teams.

The football teams are the Verdun Vikings, the Griffintown Gaels, Concordia Warriors, and the Goose Village Blackrocks.
The hurling teams are PSC Cu Chulainn, St Henri Harps, and Na Fianna Rouges

Rules for the Winter Superleague are as follows:

All games will be played as per Official Guide/LGFA/Camogie Rules in the appropriate game. Supplementary to this are Superleague specific rules for age, mixed-gender and winter rules as laid out below:

Age Policy:
Superleague games are generally for those aged 18 years and over. An individual between the age of 16 and 17 on the 1st of January of the year league may be allowed to play. The Superleague Committee and Superleague Captains will assess the physical size and skill level of the potential player before allowing the individual to play. The parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the player must also sign a waiver of liability, which will be prepared by the Superleague Committee. Individuals under 16 are strictly forbidden to play.
Mixed –Gender (Co-Ed) Policy:
All games will adhere to their respective rules (i.e. Men’s Gaelic football – Official Guide; Ladies Gaelic football l – LGFA; Hurling – Official Guide and Camogie – Camogie Association Guide). In mixed-gender (Co-Ed) games, the rules will revert to the female rules in all instances with some further Superleague specific rules laid out below. More specifically, no contact will be permitted.

Winter Superleague Football Rules:

    a. Games will be played 6-9 a side. The number of players will usually be 7, but can be adapted with the agreement of both captains and the referee.
    b. Games will be played in 2 halves of 25 minutes each.
    c. Players may only score within the opposing team’s half of the pitch.
    d. Players are only allowed ‘two movements’ before they must pass the ball (i.e. allowed one bounce and one solo, or two solos only). If a third movement is made, it will be regarded as overcarrying.
    e. The goalkeeper may take kick outs from their hands.
    f. There is no square ball.
    g. 45’s are taken off the ground at the corner of the halfway and sideline of the side on which the ball went out.
    h. A person playing for a Superleague team who is a member of another Superleague team is NOT allowed to score (e.g. a team may be short numbers and have requested players from another team for a particular game).

Winter Superleague Hurling Rules:

    a. Games will be played as 7-a-side. With any changes to this to be agreed between both captains and the referee in advance of the game
    b. Games will be played in 2 halves of 20 minutes each.
    c. Captains make their teams known to each other in the week before the game
    d. 3 restricted players per team per game – chosen from players who are deemed eligible for restriction. Players eligible for restriction to be determined by hurling subco during hurling draft prior to winter and super league competition
    e. The captains choose those that they want to restrict on their opponent’s team – with the names communicated to the players in question and the referee prior to throw-in
    f. In the case where there aren’t enough players eligible for restriction present at a game, the number of restrictions per team is reduced down to two – with this to be agreed between the captains and communicated to the referee prior to throw-in
    g. Restricted players cannot score goals or take sideline cuts. Should a restricted player score a goal, then it will only count for one point, regardless of whether or not an opposing goal keeper makes contact with the ball on its way in.
    h. In the event of a free being awarded, the fouled player must take the free. In the case of restricted players, the rules in paragraph g still apply.
    i. Players can only score points beyond their own third of the pitch (goal zone) i.e. whichever line marks that zone.
    j. Goal keepers are nominated before the game and cannot play outfield unless agreed to before throw-in between both captains
    k. Goal keepers cannot score from a puck out.
    l. Puck outs must be taken from within the small box.
    m. All games shall be non-contact and no charging at opposition players will be tolerated
    m. Hand pass goals are not permitted.
    o. Umpires can be overruled by the referee.
    p. A person playing for a Superleague team who is a member of another Superleague team is NOT allowed to score (e.g. a team may be short numbers and have requested players from another team for a particular game)