Goose Village Blackrocks vs Griffintown Gaels



Date Time League Season
January 27, 2018 8:00 pm Men's Football Superleague Winter 2018


TeamGoalsPointsTotal Points
Goose Village Blackrocks61634
Griffintown Gaels51530


Report by: Jake Ouellette

Even with the winter league being in its second week, the Gaels were on a mission to win their second game in a row. What transpired was a game to remember at the stinger dome Saturday evening.

Right out of the gates both teams were poised to get points over the bar. But it was the Gaels and Neil O’Brien setting the tone early on in the match. The Blackrocks not to be outdone saw Martin Lawless score his first goal of the season along with a goal from Stevie Owens which was quickly denied for going over the allowed amount of steps. This was contested by Stevie Owens to no avail.
A scary situation unfolded before the end of the first half, as John McEvoy took a wrong turn in front of his own net and had to leave the field assisted by personnel . He did not return to the game due to a lower body injury.

The Gaels started the second half up by 6 points. But the loss of star midfielder John McEvoy proved to be too much as the Blackrocks took advantage. Martin Lawless scored again; Alan Baxter kept putting it over the bar. To keep the game tied, Gaels forward Ciaran Walsh was able to score in a few goals of his own. Afterwards, a late 2nd half kick from Curtis Watson was sent towards the front of the net, Michael Johnson attempted to block the kick, which resulted in an own goal. The damage was done and the Gaels could not make a comeback.
Despite the loss the Gaels are showing a promising start to the season. All eyes will be on John McEvoy for a quick recovery. As for the Blackrocks, they opened up their season with a win and are sitting on top of the leaderboard early on.

Goose Village Blackrocks

Griffintown Gaels

Total Points


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