Montreal City Blues vs Griffintown Gaels



Date Time League Season
September 24, 2018 8:00 pm Men's Football Superleague Summer 2018


TeamGoalsPointsTotal Points
Montreal City Blues (Men's)6523
Griffintown Gaels (Men's)61028


Match Report by: Clement Broca.

On Monday the 24th of September 2018, the Gaels played against the Blues.
At full time the score got in favor to the Gaels 28 (6 goals 10 points) to 23 (6 goals 5 points).
As the score can reflect it was a tied game, mixing a high volume of continuous play and good defense from both sides.
Both teams scored lots of goals; thus, both teams had to work hard towards victory. Approaching the end of the game the intensity dropped a bit, mainly due to very ambitious plays from both teams.

We’ll notice an incredible goal in the first half from the blues, shot from the mid field the football went up into the air them final dropped into the net.
The top scorers from the games are Martin Bainham with a total of 16 points on the blues sides. On the Gaels side, 3 players came out we similar results, Daniel Simpson with a total of 9 points, Tony Cunningham with 7 point and Vincent power with 7 points as well.

Gaels are now advancing to the final on Saturday against the Vikings.

Montreal City Blues (Men's)

# Player Goals Points Total Points
Bogdan Rotaru206
Brian Dowling000
Dan Robinson011
Martin Bainham4416
Cian Darcy000
Jean Constantine000

Griffintown Gaels (Men's)

Total Points


De La Verendrye Park
De La Verendrye Park, 5900 Rue Drake, Montréal, QC H4E 4M1, Canada