Verdun Vikings (Ladies) vs Concordia Warriors (Ladies)



Date Time League Season
January 19, 2019 8:00 pm Ladies' Football Superleague Winter 2019


TeamGoalsPointsTotal Points
Verdun Vikings (Ladies)91643
Concordia Warriors (Ladies)147


Report by: Agador Spartacus

The final game of the night saw the Concordia Warrior Ladies play the Verdun Vikings. With two teams of 13, the pitch and the sidelines were at capacity. To accommodate these incredible numbers, the captains agreed to an 8-a-side match.

With a blow of the newly cleaned whistle, the ball was thrown up into the air, and the Warriors gained possession with their shockingly sticky hands (the Elmer’s glue no doubt supplied by Julie Houle). As the first game of the season for both teams, it was clear that every player on the field had a proverbial itch to scratch, and scratch it they did. The battles for the ball were constant and fierce, with new player Audrey Le Gall Payne scoring an incredible 11 overall points throughout the match (3 goals and 2 points) but who’s counting?

Despite the Vikings’ newest goal-getter, the Concordia team fought on, as if they were some type of warrior group. Erin Hynes played as keeper for the first half of the match and was sniper-like with her kick-outs, getting the ball into the hands of her players almost every time. Téa “i’m-the-captain-now” Jovanovic lead the charge, scoring a beautiful goal, and is even speculated to have soloed the ball clean through 6’6” Niamh “no-I’M-the-captain-now” Devaney’s legs; however, the referee was not able to confirm or deny this bold claim.

At half-time, both teams huddled as each captain gave tear-jerking speeches. One player described what she heard as a mix between Barack Obama and Yoda. With a quick keeper-change at half-time for the Warriors to Marie-Flore Castonguay, the whistle blew and the game continued. As always, Aimee Legault flew down the field effortlessly, making smart plays, quick passes, and finishing her night with 2 goals and 4 points for the Vikings. Other notable players included Shannon Pine, kicking a beautiful free, gaining the Vikings another well-deserved point.

Brand new player for the Warriors, Maddisson Cummings, stood out as a player to keep an eye on, with her quickness to the ball as well as her accuracy. O.G. Audrey Taillefer showed off her cool, calm, and collected playing style by easily soloing the ball and making hand-passes that would rival those of Seán Óg. New player for the Vikings, Chloe Berthioune-Verrette, gave an impressive performance, with a total of 4 points for the night, while Emily “The PEI Pile-Driver” Jibb kept the ball from the Warriors time and time again, scoring 2 points overall.

The Warriors’ newly acquired secret-weapons, Carly Bennett and Karen Kuenbelg, along with retired-captain Julie Morrice scored an impressive 4 points combined. In the end though, with countless goals and points scored by Niamh Devaney (2-1), Kate Prenty (1-3), Veronique Buisson (0-1), and Joanna Rutkowski (0-1), the Vikings took the game with a final score of 43 to 7.

The captains then took both teams out for pizza and ice-cream.

Total Points


Concordia Stinger Dome
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