Verdun Vikings (Ladies) vs Griffintown Gaels (Ladies)



Date Time League Season
January 26, 2019 6:00 pm Ladies' Football Superleague Winter 2019


TeamGoalsPointsTotal Points
Verdun Vikings (Ladies)32130
Griffintown Gaels (Ladies) 011


Report by: Ron Burgundy

The first game of the night had the sweet smell of artificial turf and seen the Vikings against the Gaels
The Vikings started their season with a roaring start, their high scoring capabilities and thigh defense is one to be feared. The Gaels had a rough start to their season but shown promise with new players stepping up. Unfortunately, for this game, they were missing top players, Captain Annie Gaumond and Mariette Parrod.

The Gaels started the game with an interesting tactic to attempt to confuse the Vikings by not wearing their usual jerseys. But it only took a few short seconds for the Vikings to get on the board and not look back. Aimee Legault seemed to have cloned herself as she was seen playing defense and offence all at the same time. Kate Prenty had brilliant moments on the ball; she was seen setting up teammates and scoring 3 points herself. Even if the Gaels were out matched, many players showed amazing character that will surely catapult the Gaels into winning form soon. Sam Clark had brilliant saves that should have gone in if not for her quick reflexes and her kick outs were on point. Holly Han was one of the best players on those kick outs often getting free and giving their goalkeeper a target.

In the second half the Gaels new players started to gel together and form a good chemistry. They played more defensively giving the Vikings a harder time. Offensively unfortunately was the same puzzle, until Aya Abulkhair used her speed to surprise Vikings Captain Niamh Devaney and strip her of the ball and score her team’s only point. This seemed to give the team momentum as other Gaels were seen taking more risks up front, Natasha Teich and Larissa Andrusyshyn were seen fighting for the ball and winning most of their battles. Sam Clark was switched to the forward line to use her speed and give teammates new options. But it was unfortunately too little too late for the Gaels.

Vikings 3-21 Gaels 0-1. The Vikings next game will be a well awaited battle against the Blackrocks, a great game will be expected when these two titans clash. As for the Gaels, they will play against the Warriors, with the experience they have gained; their first victory is not far away.

I’m Ron Burgundy, you stay classy, Montreal!

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