Griffintown Gaels (Ladies) vs Concordia Warriors (Ladies)



Date Time League Season
February 9, 2019 6:00 pm Ladies' Football Superleague Winter 2019


TeamGoalsPointsTotal Points
Griffintown Gaels (Ladies) 1912
Concordia Warriors (Ladies)51530


Report by: The Galway Whispers

The artificial turf was fleshly cut and waiting for the Gaels and Warriors. Both teams looking for their first win of the season. What went down was probably the best game of the winter so far as both teams had a near full roster, ready for this epic clash.
Right out of the gates, both teams were seen trying to put their mark on the game. The Gaels led by Captain Annie, never gave up an inch on that field. Defensive plays from Diane Clark gave the Warriors a headache on multiple occasions. If the Warriors managed to get passed Diane, a new puzzle confronted them as Sam Clark checked in a stellar goalie performance by blocking shots from point blank. The Warriors quickly changed their game plan and called upon their midfield to start going for points. The likes of Julie Morrice (0-5) and Isabelle Senegal (0-2) were quick to answer the call. The Gaels replied with Annie Gaumond (1-3) and Edith Finn (0-2) controlling the play and making the right passes for their team.
At half time, both teams were only a point apart. Everybody had their eyes on this game!
During the 3rd quarter, the game stayed close. Sarah Lupien (0-1) and Larissa Andrusyshyn (0-1) made sure to put their signature on the scoresheet, getting a point each while Paris was seen all over the field to prevent the Warriors from connecting passes. In the fourth quarter the Warriors finally figured out how to break the defence and started scoring goals, Amy Holdcroft (2-0), Tea Jovanovic (1-4) and Carly Bennet (1-0) all hit the back of the net to give the Warriors the lead they needed. The Gaels were not able to recover and the game ended in a Warriors win.
We can’t wait to see these 2 teams clash again as we are sure the Gaels will put up another epic fight with the Warriors.

Total Points


Concordia Stinger Dome
7200 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC H4B 1R2, Canada