Goose Village Blackrocks (Ladies) vs Verdun Vikings (Ladies)



Date Time League Season
February 9, 2019 8:00 pm Ladies' Football Superleague Winter 2019


TeamGoalsPointsTotal Points
Goose Village Blackrocks (Ladies)61230
Verdun Vikings (Ladies)31827


Report by: Kent Brockman, Channel 6 News

I was dispatched to cover what was promised to be the matchup of the winter season; two undefeated sides facing off for bragging rights and the Vikings looking to upset the defending champs. The Vikings were fielding a talented side featuring stalwart Aimee Legault, dominant netminder Brandy Byrd and new addition, the surefooted, Kate Prenty. The Blackrocks bringing their breed of well-rounded depth to play in the form of Jen Dumais and Claire Lubell, defence playmaker Shera Robinson and handy newcomers Fu Chen and Lara.
The first tap went in favor of a feisty Blackrocks side who fought for possession in the early seconds of the first quarter which saw Shera recover and move the ball forward to Claire Lubell for the score. Not a minute later, stellar Vikings netminder Brandy denied Claire’s second attempt with a brilliant save. Joanna had a few of her classic interceptions thanks to those Go-Go-Gadget arms of hers and Aimee swept a few up as well speeding through the midfield. The Vikings looked dangerous as Kate Prenty collected the first score and quickly sought to wrestle the game back from the gritty Rocks side. It wasn’t long before the netminders found their stride as well; Audrey Matieu had a telekinetic connection to Jen Dumais in the forward line who converted those long kicks-outs into points for the Rocks. In fact, this seemed to be the battle of the goalies; both Audrey and Brandy had sniper precision delivering the ball to their offense and an eye for theft as they continued to roll out dramatic save after save.
With the score hovering between the two hardworking sides and Kate Prenty racking up the points for the Vikings it came down to a display of courage with Claire Lubell putting herself in front to smother Aimee’s shot and Paola jumping into action on Audrey Mathieu’s save to clear the ball and stall the Viking’s offense. The Rocks mounted their attack on the ball leaving traffic in front of the net so Lara could finally slip one past Brandy. The Blackrocks were quick to turn over possession and block kicks but the determined Vikings found Aimee Legault who took the ball deep into Blackrocks territory and dished it to teammate Vanessa Chaton who didn’t miss the opportunity for a quick goal and a shift in momentum for her team.

It was a trade-off of excellent plays in the fourth quarter with Emily Jibb putting up some feisty defense to tie up the Blackrock’s forwards while Laurence Vallee intercepted a kickout to keep the Rocks on the front foot. The Vikings doled out several classy phases of play with Joanna finding Aimee and Kate Prenty available to convert her possessions and Ariane making herself known by carrying from defence and getting the ball back for a score. The Vikings were kicking point after point with Audrey Le Gall Payne adding a few, and the Blackrocks forwards finding the back of the net a couple more times which left the sidelines holding their breath for the final tally. Did the Vikings slot enough away with their reliable flurry of shots or had the Blackrocks snatched the game away on the back of Lara and Jen’s combined 6 goals?

It was the Rocks who emerged victorious 30-27 and I’d wager the Vikings have plenty more in store; with a game that close I’d be looking forward to the rematch.

Goose Village Blackrocks (Ladies)

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