Verdun Vikings (Ladies) vs Griffintown Gaels (Ladies)



Date Time League Season
March 9, 2019 8:00 pm Ladies' Football Superleague Winter 2019


TeamGoalsPointsTotal Points
Verdun Vikings (Ladies)162573
Griffintown Gaels (Ladies) 51530


Report by: Bill Nye the Polish Spy

It was Viking’s last game of the season and they were going in to finish strong. But the Geals wouldn’t let them have it without a solid fight.
The game started as always – with a ball up. It may not have been the fairest match up, with Viking’s tallest player, 6’4 Joanna Rutkowski versus at-least-a-foot-shorter Donna Feeley. But as soon as Donna got a hold of the ball, she was unstoppable! Not surprisingly, she was the top scorer for the Geals (3-6). She worked well through the mid with her partner in crime Leanne McKernan, keeping the Viking’s goalie, Brandy Byrd always on her toes. But Brandy wasn’t alone. As always, Emily Jibb and Ariane Jodoin-Aubertin formed a solid defense, giving the Geal’s forwards a hard time to maneuver the ball.
The Geal’s goalie, Samantha Clark didn’t have it easy either. Not all players are a threat to the goalie before they cross the mid-line… unless they can boot it like Niamh Devaney (1-4). But she wasn’t the only threat. Audrey Le Gall Payne may be new to Gealic, but you couldn’t tell if you saw her on the field, scoring a whooping 16 points (5-1) from very impressive distances. And of course, there was also Aimee Legault, who not only intercepted the ball on multiple occasions, but also converted these interceptions into points, making her the top scorer for the Vikings (4-7).
The Geal’s defenders worked tirelessly to slow the Vikings down. It seemed like Emma Shriar was glued to each player she was defending, trying not to let them slip away for an inch. Barely anyone could get past Paris Williams without losing the ball. And as a last line of defense, Sam sacrificed her skin to make some incredible saves (really, you should have seen her turf burns at the end of the game!).
But in the end, the Vikings came out victorious, with the final score of 73 (16-25) to 30 (5-15).
The Geals will make one last appearance this winter season on March 30th versus the Warriors. As for the Vikings, they will face the Blackrocks in the finals on April 13th. It should be an exciting game – both teams have an incredibly strong roster with a perfect balance of experienced veterans and emerging rookies.

Griffintown Gaels (Ladies)

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