N.D.G. Na Fianna Rouges vs St Henri Harps



Date Time League Season
February 2, 2019 8:00 pm Hurling Superleague Winter 2019


TeamGoalsPointsTotal Points
Na Fianna Rouges31625
St Henri Harps2410


Report by: Galway Whispers

The prime time slot featured a fight between the Harps and the Rouge. Fans were expecting some blood on the field, but in the end a hurling match broke out. The Rouge were showcasing their full squad for the first time. As for the Harps, they were missing notable names such as Tom (coolest name ever) Blade, The Bully Tiphaine Levrat, Kate (The camogie star) Prenty, and Paddy Bourke who was busy giving out about something to someone that wasn’t relevant to anything.

As soon as the sliotar was thrown in, Harps were on the offence which took the Rouge by surprise. They came close to scoring numerous times but nothing came from it. After what took a few minutes, the well-oiled Rouge machine took over, Liam (Boston) Twomey and Alan (The beard) Baxter were seen knocking points over the bar (0-2 & 0-6 respectively). Harps top scorer of the night Jake O. potted in a goal for the Harps, finishing his night at (1-2) but his defensive game was as impressive, as he hooked numerous Rouge players just in time to stop them from getting easy points. Carly (Hurl breaker) Bennett pressure tactics worked as she caused the Rouge defense scramble and score on their own net near the end of the 1st half. This was a critical moment as the game was much closer than anyone expected once the half time whistle blew.

At halftime, Dave (Hon Galway) Glynn was giving an opening act for the hurling halftime show by singing Flying without wings. The main act soon followed as Ronan Corbett broke out his guitar to deliver many hits, including Irish Rover before hitting sliotars over the bar with his guitar. There’s no question the Super bowl halftime Adam Levine nipple slip show had nothing on this marvelous off tune and unorthodox show.

As the game resumed in the second half, Emily (The Undertaker) Jibb was seen stepping up her game and blocking many offensive runs by the Harps, making a statement that she wants a main roster spot on the Shamrocks camogie team and she will body slam someone if she needs to. Harps offence was not totally shut down in the second half as Sam Clark (1-0) buried her 2nd career goal with authority. The Rouge relentless attack was led by the Anthery Antelope Ronan Corbett (2-2) and Tony (El President) Cunningham (1-1), they were accumulating points and goals, but if any shot was aimed at the net and somehow got by Magic Misc. Mike, they were surprised as defensive player Veronique Buisson acted as a second goalkeeper and putting her body on the line to block more goals from going in. The relentless Rouge attack did not end there; Vanessa Chaton (0-1) was seen knocking her first career point over the bar. This was met with cheers from both teams, it really makes you wonder if the Harps and Rouge have a rivalry or not. With Oscar season around the corner Olivier Daoust (0-1)broke a second hurl in as many games; this time the judges here at the Galway Whispers were not as impressed and gave him 6 out of 10 for his efforts as we think he is begging for attention at this point. Best hurl break moment still belong to the first game of the season with a perfect 10 out of 10 by Carly Bennett.

Rouge walked away with a win and are 1 point away from securing a finals spot. As for the Harps it’s still not over, but the road is getting harder!

At press conference, it was agreed rugby is for wankers by every Irish person in attendance. We all promise it as nothing to do with the 6 nations results earlier in the day.

Na Fianna Rouges

Total Points


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