March Madness Week #2

Week 1 of March Madness has come and gone with the teams having logged a total of 198 hours of activity over the last week, and they’re just getting started. Well done!
In round one, Cirque de Sore Legs narrowly beat Craicin’ Knees and Scrambled Legs eased past the Craic Addicts.
It’s only fitting that in round two the winning sides come head to head both looking to stake a claim on the big prize, while the Craic Addicts and Craicin’ Knees will face of to try and kick start their challenge for the March Madness Championship.
And finally, this week’s challenges! They’re rep-based this time, pushups and situps. So get your yoga mats out and be thankful they’re not burpees!
Best of luck to everyone!