Montreal Shamrocks Pride Tournament 2023

On June 18th the Montreal Shamrocks will host their fourth annual Pride Game Day Tournament.
Join us on the back field at Vanier College for an all day co-ed tournament in both football and Camogie.
Players can register using this form
A minimum registration fee of 10$ will be collected and donated to the LGBTQI+ community in Montreal. So, please come and join us for a fun day out to celebrate international pride month.

Summer Superleague 2023 Week 2 Results

Results for week two of the Montreal Shamrocks 2023 super Superleague:

Ladies’ Football: Goose Village Black Rocks 09-06 (33) ~ Griffintown Gaels 08-05 (29)
Ladies’ Football: Concordia Warriors 04-12 (24) ~ Verdun Vikings 06-07 (25)
Ladies’ Football: Fred Horwood (Rocks), Chloe Parsons (Gaels)
Ladies’ Football: Carly Bennett (Warriors), Erin Rainville (Vikings)

Summer Superleague 2023 Week 1 – Sunday Games Results

Results for the sunday games of week one of the Montreal Shamrocks 2023 super Superleague:

Hurling: N.D.G Na Fianna Rouges 02-05 (11) ~ PSC Cú Chulainn 08-14 (38)
Camogie: N.D.G Na Fianna Rouges 09-01 (28) ~ PSC Cú Chulainn 03-00 (9)

Hurling: Emmanuel Wilson (Rouges), Joel Portier (PSC)
Camogie: Karolyne Courville (Rouges), Sara Waitzer (PSC)