Summer Superleague 2018: Week 12

Week Twelve Fixtures
Week Twelve Fixtures

We’re getting closer to the end of the season, which means it’s do or die time for the teams in this week’s Monday night superleague fixtures.

First up is Hurling where there’ll be a the final game of the season between second place Na Fianna Rouges and third place St Henri Harps.
The Harps have a game in hand over the Rouges, which might turn out to be decisive in their quest to overturn a four point deficit in their last three games.
A victory here for the Harps will keep the dream alive, and give them a boost as they play their final two fixtures, back-to-back games against PSC Cu Chulainn.
To stand a chance of making the finals, they will need a win here as well as at least one victory over PSC, and hope that Na Fianna lose their final game of the season. There are other, less likely, paths to the finals for the Harps, but they’ll know that this is most likely their last chance to remain in contention.
Likewise, Na Fianna Rouges will know full well that they have a chance to put an end to the competition for a place in the finals in this game. A victory here would move them out of the Harps’ grasp, with an insurmountable gap of six points. Anything less will make things far more difficult as their fate will largely be out of their hands, and a place in the final will be dependent on how other games go, a scenario they’ll be keen to avoid.
This is it for both teams, a place in the final beckons both, but there can be only one winner. Expect both teams to give it their all and leave it all on the field. It should be a cracker of a game.

Following on from such a decisive clash of the ash, the ladies will be taking to the field in football, where a top of the table clash sees the Griffintown Gaels face off against current table toppers the Goose Village Blackrocks, and it’s a game that will be keenly watched by the Verdun Vikings as it’s outcome will have a significant impact on the rest of their season.
The Gaels have been relentless in their pursuit of the Blackrocks this season, constantly nipping at their heels and occasionally ousting them from the top spot. A victory here would tie them on points in the top slot, but would most probably leave them in second place on score difference. It would also be a major blow to the third place Verdun Vikings who would now need to win their last three games and then hope for favourable results in other games to stand a chance of making the finals.
The Gaels will be aware of all this, and will come out swinging, looking to put themselves back in the driving seat.
A win for the Blackrocks will secure their place in the final, and throw a lifeline to the Vikings keeping the Gaels within a more manageable four point gap. As if we needed any more proof of the adage that football makes for strange bedfellows, the Vikings will now be rooting for the same team that took them apart in their last fixture.
There’s room for the Blackrocks to recover if they stumble here, as they have a game in hand over their nearest rivals, but they’ll be keen to book their place in the finals now. Given their recent form there’ll be every confidence in the Blackrocks camp that this will be the day they clinch their place in the finals, but the Gaels will be in no mood to acquiesce and will fight them every inch of the way.
As all eyes will be on this fixture, which could decide so much for all the teams in the league, expect it to be fast, frantic and high scoring.

Both these fixtures are on Monday the 13th of August at Vanier College

7:00pm – St Henri Harps vs Na Fianna Rouges
8:00pm – Griffintown Gaels (Ladies) vs Goose Village Blackrocks (Ladies)

Summer Superleague 2018: Week 11

Week Eleven Fixtures
Week Eleven Fixtures

It’s an all men’s football fixture this Monday at Vanier, where the race for a spot in the finals is tightening.

First up, the Montreal City Blues will line up against the Griffintown Gaels. The Blues come into this game off the back of a close fought win against the Goose Village Blackrocks, where they dominated the first half and held off a rallying Blackrocks to edge out a win. Now in second place on score difference, they’ll be looking to avenge their loss to the Gaels earlier in the season, and to use this as an opportunity to shore up their position.
The Gaels will be looking to repeat the performance that saw them run out comfortable winner last time these sides met, and they’re in dire need of a day like that one now. They know full well that their chances of making it into the final are slim at best, they need a win here to keep their hopes alive. But even then it will require them not to drop a single point between now and the end of the season, and hope for favourable results in other fixtures.
Neither side will want to give an inch, and with this being the last chance saloon for the Gaels, this game should be closely fought, tense, and dramatic.

Afterwards, the Goose Village Blackrocks will face off against the Verdun Vikings. The Blackrocks will be closely watching the preceding game, as they’re tied on points with Blues, and in third place by virtue of score difference. A win for the Blues will put all the pressure on the Blackrocks to try and keep pace, where as a Gaels victory will offer an opportunity for the Blackrocks to take the second place spot from their rivals.
Either way, the task at hand will be a formidable one, as the Vikings are yet to drop a point this summer and will have every intention of continuing in that vein. The Blackrocks were just pipped at the post in their last game, so they’ll be eager to make amends for that, but this Vikings side has had a consistency of form this summer that has made their place in the finals almost a certainty. No team is invincible though, and this Blackrocks side is more than capable of doing the business, but will this be their time to shine?
This game promises much, and should deliver it in spades.

Both these fixtures are on Monday the 6th of August at Vanier College

7:00pm – Montreal City Blues vs Griffintown Gaels
8:00pm – Goose Village Blackrocks vs Verdun Vikings

Summer Superleague 2018: Week 10

Week Ten Fixtures
Week Ten Fixtures

We’re firmly in the business end of the season now, with several team’s place in the finals balanced on a knife’s edge. And that should set the stage for some outstanding games this week, in both Ladies’ Football and Hurling.

First to line up in Ladies’ football are the Verdun Vikings and the Goose Village Blackrocks. The Vikings have been struggling to find their form and a result of this inconsistency they’re currently propping up the bottom of the table and four points adrift. They’ll need a bit of luck and a lot of determination if they’re to make it to the final, but they’re by no means out of contention. And with a possible eight points up for grabs between now and the end of the season, it’s far from impossible. The comeback, if there is to be one, starts here.
But this Blackrocks side is probably not the one the Vikings would choose to face right now. Having taken a commanding lead against Gaels in their last game, only three days ago, they’ll be riding high and feeling assured that they’re back on top. But tiredness may well play a factor, as well as over confidence – and these Blackrocks would be right to be wary, a strong start from the vikings has rattled this side before.
On paper the Blackrocks would be favoured, but you cannot discount this Vikings side. This should be a closely fought affair, with plenty of action at both ends.

Next up top of the table PSC Cu Chulainn will be facing off against bottom side the St Henri Harps in our Monday Hurling fixture.
PSC’s aura of invulnerability was shattered a week ago by Na Fianna Rouges, and sensing blood in the water, the Harps will be hoping to deliver a follow up blow of equal measure. Now is certainly the time for it, with two games in hand over second place Na Fianna, and only four points separating the top and bottom sides, the Harps will be hoping to burst through and take enough points to secure their place in the final.
Despite an end to their undefeated streak, PSC are still in a strong position, with four games left to play, and ample scope to move out of reach of the rest of the pack. A win here would put them just a single win away from a place in the final. At this point, it’s PSC’s league to lose, and while the Harps will be eager to help them do that, the odds are in PSC’s favour.
But this league loves nothing more than an upset, so be sure to come along and catch these two sides battle it out in what promises to be a fast paced and frantic game.

Both these fixtures are on Monday the 30th of July at Vanier College

7:00pm – Verdun Vikings (Ladies) vs Goose Village Blackrocks (Ladies)
8:00pm – St Henri Harps vs PSC Cu Chulainn