Summer Superleague 2018: Week 14

Week Fourteen Fixtures
Week Fourteen Fixtures

All the Men’s football teams are in action this week in the penultimate men’s fixtures of this season.

First up, The Verdun Vikings will go up against the Griffintown Gaels. The Gaels will be riding high on the back of a fantastic performance against the Blackrocks in their last game, which moved them into second place. But with only two games left they’ll need to win here if they’re going to keep the pressure on as anything less could see them drop back into third, or possibly end up in an unconventional ménage à trois for second place. Neither scenario means the Geals season is over, but it would make things far more difficult, something they’ll be keen to avoid.
But a win here could well be a big ask for the Gaels, as the Vikings have been in fine form this season, and any notions about their loss at the start of the month signalling the beginning of a crisis were put to rest in their last fixture, where they handily dealt with the City Blues. This will probably be the most important game for the Gaels this season, they’ve risen from a bit of a slump to find their form and have a real shot at the finals, but with everything being so close all they can do is leave it all on the field, and hope for a little bit of good luck.

In the second fixture, the Montreal City Blues take on the Goose Village Blackrocks. The Blues are currently in last place, two points behind third place Blackrocks. But both wins this season for the Blues have come against the Blackrocks, making them the Rocks bogey team. And the Blues will be hoping to continue the hoodoo and torment the rocks some more by taking the third and final fixture.
If they manage this, then things get really interesting, as depending on the result of the first game, they’ll either be in a three way tie for second, or move to join third with the Backrocks, just behind the Gaels. A loss here will end their chances of being finalists, as they’ll have too much ground to cover and not enough time.
The Blackrocks will be looking to put an end to their run of bad form against the Blues, and a win here would keep them in contention for a place in the finals. Ideally, they’ll be looking for the Vikings to win so that they can capitalise and move back into second, with a game to go. But there’s a history here and the Rocks won’t find the Blues to be in the slightest bit accommodating.

So what will it be? Will one team start to pull away from the pack to join the Vikings in the final? Or will things get even tighter and this season will go right down to the wire? With all three teams having a shot at a place in the finals, expect these to be some fantastic games of football.

Both these fixtures are on Monday the 27th of August at Rutherford Park

7:00pm – Verdun Vikings vs Griffintown Gaels
8:00pm – Montreal City Blues vs Goose Village Blackrocks