Summer Superleague 2019: Week 13 Friday Fixtures

Coming up this Friday, the 13th of September at the Vanier College

  • 7pm – Griffintown Gaels (Ladies) vs Goose Village Blackrocks (Ladies)
  • 8pm – Concordia Warriors (Men’s) vs Goose Village Blackrocks (Men’s)

This Friday at Vanier we have a meeting between the top and bottom sides in the men’s football, and in the ladies’ football we’re looking at the last roll of the dice for the Gaels as they look to make an unlikely journey to the finals.

Kicking things off we have the Griffintown Gaels facing off against the Goose Village Blackrocks in the ladies’ football. While currently in last place the Gaels aren’t without hope, They’re only four points behind their opponents tonight, the Goose Village Blackrocks. Winning their final two games, and hoping the rocks lose theirs would be enough to bring them to level pegging. Granted, they’ll also need to overturn a eighty four point scoring deficit to push past the rocks and into second place, but before they can worry about that, they’ll need to worry about the game at hand. it’s certainly a herculean task, but stranger things have happened in this league before, and will happen again. The Blackrocks are, by contrast, in a much easier position. A single point out of their last two games will secure their place in the final, and even failing that the scoring difference gives them a solid cushion. But a win here would be preferable, as it would allow them to go into their final game against the Vikings being able to treat it as a dry-run of the final, rather than a must win game.
This is the last chance for the Gaels, so expect them to come out swinging and to leave everything on the pitch, the Blackrocks know they just need to keep their heads and take their points and they’ll book their place in the final. All of which ought to make for a fantastic match, certainly one to watch.

Rounding the night out, we have a bit of dead rubber. With the men’s finalists already decided, the Warriors know that the standings won’t really change no matter how they play against the Blackrocks. But with nothing to lose, there’s nothing holding this side back – a win here would lift spirits on the Warriors and put them on the front foot going into the winter league. On the other side of the equation, the Blackrocks will be looking to use this to get some vital game time and keep their reflexes sharp for the upcoming final, but also need to be mindful of injuries. Will the rocks keep their foot down and look to make their place at the top of the league intact, or will they rest and focus more on the finals? Will the Warriors have one last outstanding performance left for us, or have their eyes turned to the upcoming winter league? But more than likely, once the ball is thrown in all thought of long term thinking will go out thew window as these two sides will go at each other with their trademark ferocity, and give us a cracker of a game in the process.