Na Fianna Rouges

Founded in 2017 following the growing numbers in hurling members the Montreal Shamrocks added a hurling schedule to the already existing Superleague.  3 teams were founded but remained unnamed until the 2017 Summer season started.

Originally playing under the name blue team during the 2017 Winter Superleague, a vote was put in place to officially name this team the Na Fianna Rouge as of the 2017 Summer Superleague

The Blue team’s first official game came Saturday January 21 2017 at the Stinger Dome on the Concordia Loyola campus vs the Green team (Later baptized PSC Cu Chulainns).  The Blue team lost 2-7 (13) vs 6-13 (31) and finished the season unable to claim a point in the standings.

Na Fianna Rouge first game under their official name was played on Friday June 16 2017 at College Letendre once again vs Cu Chulainns.  Cu Chulainns claimed another opening night victory  8-8 (32) vs 7 – 8 (29). Na Fianna Rouge claimed their first club point by drawing with the St-Henri Harps Monday July 3rd 2017 2-6 (12) vs 2-6 (12).


==Past Captains==

2018-Present: Liam Twomey
2017-2018: Mairt Burke


2018 Winter Superleague Champions

==Award Winners==

==Team MVP==

2018 Summer – Olivier Sakr (Nominated – Alan Baxter – Ronan Corbett – Liam Twomey)
2018 Winter – Alan Baxter (Nominated – Ronan Corbett – Damien Conneely)
2017 Summer – Damien Conneely (Nominated – Alan Baxter)
2017 Winter – Tony Cunningham (Nominated (Alan Baxter – Damien Conneely)

==Team MIP==

2018 Summer – Emily Jibb (Nominated Stephen Ashworth – Niamh Devaney – Paola Ruckholdt)
2018 Winter – Michelle Lee (Nominated Liam Twomey – Emily Jibb)
2017 Summer – Liam Twomey (Nominated – Olivier Sakr)
2017 Winter – Mariette Parrod (Nominated Liam Twomey – Olivier Sakr)