​Get Fit & Develop New Skills Playing

"The World's Fastest Field Games​"

Experience 3,000 years of sporting tradition, with the perfect balance of
technique and physicality.

If you're interested in challenging yourself like never before, learning new skills you've never seen, then read on...

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to play the "fastest game on grass"​? Or what it'd be like to play a game that's over 3,000 years old?

The Montreal Shamrocks are hosting Free "Introductory Sessions" to introduce absolute beginners (and rusty veterans) to the 2 fastest field games on the planet: Gaelic Hurling & Football.

These Free & Open Training Sessions will be run by fully certified Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) coaches.

Open to both ladies & gents from Montreal, these sessions are perfect for:

  • ​Discovering 2 new fun (and fast!) sports that have more than 3,000 years of sporting tradition behind them
  • Challenging yourself by learning new skills and testing your existing ones in a new environment
  • Meeting friendly and like-minded people, all looking to start a new sporting adventure
  • Getting fit playing 2 unique sports that combine the perfect balance of skill and physicality

Come join the fun at the Concordia Loyola Stinger Dome. (You can check the training schedule here.)

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