Atlantic Crossing – Instructions and information

The goal is to cover the distance between Montreal and Donegal before December 31st, 2020, by running,
walking or cycling.

  • 1. Each 1 km walked corresponds to 2 km for the challenge
  • 2. Each 1 km ran corresponds to 1 km for the challenge
  • 3. Each 1 km cycled corresponds to 0.2 km for the challenge

Participants can consider any activity as contributing towards the goal, as long as it is involves physical
activity (treadmill, stationary bicycle, elliptical trainer, etc.). All they need to do each week is log their
kms in the following ways:

If organizations wish to designate one member to be responsible for updating all participants info, then they should use the link from (a) above. This person would then collect all the information from that organisation’s participating members and provide one mass update each week. Participants using the google form should provide their updates each Sunday evening– a reminder email will be sent out each week encouraging everyone to send in their results.
Happy crossing!

Enter details manually

To enter details manually, click here:
Users will be asked to log in with their google account details, and will then be brought to the
input form. From there, they will be asked to:

  • (i) Enter email address (required field)
  • (ii) Enter their name (required field)
  • (iii) List their organisation if they are affiliated with one (not required, but recommended-
    e.g. Montreal Irish Rugby, Cinegael, Erin Sports, etc.)
  • (iv) Enter the date of activity (required field)
  • (v) Enter the type of activity (required field)
  • (vi) Enter the distance in km (required field)
  • (vii) Submit a picture if they wish (not required, but fun to add)

Once complete, hit submit and the results will be logged onto our main database that we will then use
to feed the Master Summary, which will be updated regularly on the Shamrocks Facebook Page and on this
If you are entering details on behalf of another person or group of people, you will have to
make separate entries for each person.


If you are a Strava user, click here, and you will be added to the purpose-created Atlantic Crossing club, and your activity will be automatically recorded
The results from here will also be transferred to the Master Summary, which will be updated regularly on the Shamrocks Facebook Page and Website.


Participants can also update via the Facebook events page, here
After completing a run / walk / cycle, post in the comments section with the distance achieved, and we will add the details to the total.