Welcome to the Montreal Shamrocks GAC

The Montreal Shamrocks Gaelic Athletic Club was established in 1948 to promote Ireland’s two national sports – Gaelic Football and Hurling – to the community of Montreal.

Today we are one of the oldest GAA clubs in North America, and our membership proudly includes people from all walks of life.
We are open to anyone and everyone, no matter your age, skill, or fitness level.
Members will have the opportunity to represent the club at tournaments in Canada and the US throughout the year, as well as competing on a team in our internal Superleague, have access to our training sessions, and be part of a vibrant social scene.

If you’re interested in joining us, or just want to know more contact us via email, twitter, or facebook. Or come to one of our events and introduce yourself, we’ll be happy to have you.

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  • Winter Superleague 2023: Week Three Results

    Results for week three of the Montreal Shamrocks 2023 Winter Superleague:

    Men’s Football: Concordia Warriors 10-20 (50) ~ Verdun Vikings 12-18 (54)
    Camogie: N.D.G. Na Fianna Rouges 9-6 (33) ~ PSC Cu Chulainn 6-4 (22)
    Men’s Football: Goose Village Blackrocks 6-19 (37) ~ Griffintown Gaels 3-18 (27)
    Men’s Football: Yacine Baouche (Vikings) – Tony Cunningham (Warriors)
    Camogie: Michelle Blom (Rouges) – Carben Ham (PSC)
    Men’s Football: Julien Labbe (Blackrocks) – Neil O’Brien (Gaels)