Summer Superleague 2019: Week 4

Coming up this Monday, the 24th of June at the Vanier College

  • 7pm – Griffintown Gaels (Ladies) vs Goose Village Blackrocks (Ladies)
  • 8pm – Griffintown Gaels (Men’s) vs Goose Village Blackrocks (Men’s)

This week sees a Griffintown Gaels vs Goose Village Blackrocks double header as both the men’s and ladies’ teams face off against each other.

First up, the ladies’ football. The Blackrocks are without a win in their first two games, including an opening day defeat to their opponents tonight, but a margin of four points. The season is still in it’s infancy but the Blackrocks will want to return to their winning ways, and sooner rather than later. Victory here will bring them back into the pack and within two points of the current leaders, otherwise they could see themselves up to four points adrift and a mountain left to climb. The high flying Gaels were brought down to earth with a bump last week when they met the Verdun Vikings, and they’ll be looking to put that all behind them now, and right the ship. A repeat of their opening day performance would be just what they need, and would bring them into tied first place, for the time being. Both sides have everything to play for and will fight tooth and nail for every ball – expect a fantastic display to start the evening off.

And rounding out the day we have a top of the table clash in the men’s football. These side last met in the opening game of the men’s season, with the Blackrocks edging out a single point win. This time the Gaels will be looking for a reversal of that result and to put some daylight between themselves and the rest of the pack. The Blackrocks are currently undefeated and would love to keep building that streak, and with another game coming up for them this Friday, a win here would put them in high spirits for their second game. But if they leave too much on the field today, how will that affect their next game? These sides are looking to make their mark on the season, and either one is more than capable of coming out on top, so be sure to join us as we finish a fine evenings football and see which side wanted it more.

Summer Superleague 2019: Week 3

Coming up this Monday, the 17th of June at the Vanier College

  • 7pm – Goose Village Blackrocks (Ladies) vs Verdun Vikings (Ladies)
  • 8pm – Concordia Warriors (Men’s) vs Griffintown Gaels (Men’s)

As we push into the third week the tables are slowly beginning to take shape, but there’s a long way to go yet – and you would hope that minds will be more focused on the here and now than Septembers finals. And speaking of, we have an all football night this Monday, with the ladies opening up with a rerun of the winter Superleague final, before the Men’s teams tussle for a place at the top of their table.

The Goose Village Blackrocks misfired in their opening match, and now will look to reset and start again, but they’ve a big job to hand. The Verdun Vikings show no sign of slowing from the pace that saw them take the winter Superleague title, and will be keen to maintain their momentum. All that being said both teams are still only on their second game of the season and with newly drafted players meshing with established and returning veteran players, these sides are in a state of flux. This could really go either way, and it’ll be down to whichever side starts to gel earliest. Once either of these team get a head of steam it’s a very tall order to derail them.
This should be a fantastic game to watch, with free flowing football to delight even the most jaded of spectators.

Following that we turn to the Men’s league, and just three days since they last togged out the Concordia Warriors will eagerly face off against the Griffintown Gaels. The Warriors found the Goose Village Blackrocks too hot to handle on Friday, so they will now be eager to dig deep and show everyone that they’re still more than able to compete. They’re by no means adrift and a win here would bring them into second place, only by virtue of score difference, which they’d be more than happy with.
The Gaels will be coming in rested, and delighted with their commanding victory over the Verdun Vikings the previous week, looking to start a winning streak to take them ahead of the rest of the pack. Being two points and a score difference of just six behind top of the table Blackrocks, they’ll surely fancy their chances here. Will the Warriors take out their frustrations on the Gaels, or will the more rested Gaels breeze past a demoralised Warriors?
Join us this Monday in Vanier and find out!

Summer Superleague 2019: Week 2 Friday fixtures

Coming up this Friday, the 14th of June at the Vanier College

  • 7pm – PSC Cu Chulainn vs N.D.G. Na Fianna Rouges
  • 8pm – Concordia Warriors (Men’s) vs Goose Village Blackrocks (Men’s)

Welcome back to the Summer 2019 superleague season! This Friday we see the second Hurling fixture of the summer, and then the Men’s football league continues on with a mid table clash that will see the winner take the top spot.

First up, N.D.G. Na Fianna Rouges will face off against PSC Cu Chulainn in our second hurling fixture of the season, as the Rouges look to reset their season after last Monday’s narrow loss to the St Henri Harps. After such a closely fought game with a revitalised Harps side, the Rouges will certainly feel that they can build on that performance and claim two points here.
PSC will be looking to start their defense of their Summer Championship on the right foot and a strong performance here would do just that. And they might just be looking to settle a score from the winter Superleague finals where they came away the lesser when these two teams met.
This promises to be a fine start to the first Friday fixture of the league, with neither side looking likely to hold back.

And following that, the Concordia Warriors will line out opposite the Goose Village Blackrocks in Men’s football. These teams, and current table toppers the Griffintown Gaels, have two points to their name, with score difference just nudging the Warriors into second place ahead of the Blackrocks, and behind the Gaels. Victory here for either side would put them on top of the table, and while there’s a long way to go yet in this season, neither side would turn down a chance to try and establish themselves at the front of the pack.
The Warriors are coming into this with the bigger task ahead of them, they play on Friday, and then play the Gaels three days later, knowing this they may very well be more reserved in their play, trying to avoid injuries and making sure they will still be fit for their next fixture.
By contrast the Blackrocks won’t be called on again for ten days, giving them more freedom to push the Warriors physically, and hope that they can use their longer break to ask questions of the warriors that they may not be able to answer. Will that be the case, or might it be asking too much of the Blackrocks themselves?
Previous experience shows us that the story of the Men’s football league is a long and winding one, but both these teams are looking to set their stalls out early, which should make for a fantastic game off football.