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shamrocks-teamHey there, we’re the Montreal Shamrocks – your local Gaelic Athletics Club (GAC).

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a fun, new, exciting, game that combines the perfect amount of skill and physicality!

We’re a group of ladies & gents who are passionate about playing the fastest games. The beloved National Sports of our Homeland – Ireland. These are Hurling and Gaelic Football. Two sports that have more than 4,000 years of heritage behind them.

It’s safe to say, we’re the best sport you’ve never tried.

Unlike other sports like rugby, which can cause too many injuries and concussions…

… or soccer, which is full of play acting and Tom-Foolery…

… we love our action fast, exciting, physical and skillful. We’re not afraid to get stuck in, but there’s no checking or bone-crunching tackles.

We’re here to teach you how to play the two fastest games on grass in a friendly, warm and welcome environment.

Check out what we’re about below…


The best place to get started is to download our free welcome kit.

It gives a quick 5-minute read that explains:

  • An FAQ about some of your most burning questions  — like “what the hell is this?” and “how do I get started, right away?” (this is for both local Montreal-ers and ex-pats looking to get re-involved in Canada)
  • Exactly what our sports are about (and how to play them if you’re just getting started)
  • A brief history of our club (and how we look to serve our local Montreal population)
  • Some of the best sources of information on Hurling and Football (if you’re looking for a deeper level of information)
  • Footage of the game being played at the highest level (you won’t believe what some of these guys can do!)
  • Details on our next “Introductory Sessions” for beginners – along with our training schedule if you want to get started today!

Click here to download the guide


If you’d like to get to know a little better there are a couple of ways:

  1. Have a read of our About Us Page
  2. Visit our Facebook page and check out our latest updates
  3. Watch some of our local media coverage below

Montreal Connected – Hurling Video

Larry, Ronan, Shane and the boys show CTV what the game of Hurling is all about. Last september City TV came along to De La Verendrye Park to see what the game of hurling was all about. Club stalwarts Larry Greene, Ronan Corbett and Shane Foley sit down with City TV and talk about what the game means to them.

Did you know that Hurling is one of the oldest field sports on the planet? Clare are the reigning All-Ireland champions after a season which got better and better as the championship progressed, so much so that many well weathered pundits have called it the best championship in living memory. Here in Montreal we have some great guys who have grown up and are very passionate about the game. We are always delighted to have newcomers at training so if you want to give the worlds best sporting secret a go do not hesitate to fill out the form below and we will let you know about our next training or game.

Concordia Mini-Documentary on Montreal Shamrocks GAC

A group of students from Concordia University chose the Shamrocks as the subject of a University project that they had been assigned. Having spent a year in Ireland improving her English and having subsequently joined the Shamrocks  on her return to Montreal it seemed like a natural fit for Emilie and her colleagues to pick our club as the subject matter. The result is a lovely little film which delves into our small community, one that we are looking to grow.

You’ll see some action from our Superleague where the lads are showing newcomers the ropes when it comes to the rules of GAA, there is some footage from the 2014 St Patricks Day parade where we had a great turnout despite the -20 degree temperature, finally there is extracts from interviews we carried out with Footballers and Hurlers of the Year in both the Newcomer and the Overall categories.

VIDEO BY: Émilie Luneau, Fiona Buhr, Marco Lucci, Béatrice Viens Côté