Club Awards

Founded in 1948,  it was not until the early 1950s that the Montreal GAA adopted the name of ‘Montreal Shamrock Hurling and Football Club’,  Able to form an inter-squad league which consisted of five teams in hurling and four teams in football. Out of that league sprang the nucleus of the team that not only topped its Division, but also captured the Northern Division of the American League from Toronto at Kingston on October 4, 1959. Two years later, the Montreal Hurling team won the American Senior Championship against Boston GAA, while on the same day at Loyola Park in Montreal, the Montreal Football team narrowly lost to Boston Galway in a hectic final.

In May 2018 during the club’s 70th anniversary. The Montreal Shamrocks created the Hall of Shamrocks to recognize and remember the work put in by retired members. The first members inducted Martin Greene & Paul Moran were given honorary club president status.

===Club Presidents===

2024 – Present Jake Ouellette – Montreal
2020 – 2023     Liam Twomey                – Boston
2017 – 2019     Tony Cunningham      – Meath
2011 – 2016     Ronan Corbett             – Galway
2009 – 2011     Donal Lacey                   – Tipperary
2008                     Conor Brogan               – Tyrone
2007                     Michael Martin           – Cork
2006                     Conor Brogan              – Tyrone
2003 – 2005       Michael Martin           – Cork
2001 – 2002       Patrick Mahon           – Down
1998 – 2000       Cathal Marlow           – Tyrone
1995 – 1997       Vince Cahill               – Limerick
1992 – 1994       Peter Moran              – Galway
1988 – 1991       Gerry Hughes           – Antrim
1985 – 1987       Patrick Dunne           – Laois
1982 – 1984       Paul Moran               – Galway
1974 – 1981       Pat Short                   – Dublin
1971                      John Keenan             – Dublin
1968 – 1969       Pat Leyne                  – Cork
1966 – 1967       Ned Healy                 – Kilkenny
1965                       Paul Moran               – Galway
1963 – 1964       Denis Leyne             – Cork
1962                       Paul Moran               – Galway
1960 – 1961       John O’Brien             – Roscommon
1959                      Sean Fitzgibbon        – Westmeath
1958                       Dan Grace                – Kilkenny
1955 – 1957       Mike Cooney            – Clare
1954 – 1955       Martin Greene          – Galway
1952 – 1953       Eddie Dempsey        – Kildare
1948 – 1951       Martin Greene          – Galway

==Roll of honor==

2023 Quebec Football Champions
Kevin Barranco, Patrick Bourke, Damien Conneely, Corey Crawford, Keith Doyle, Guillaume Ducharme, Gauthier Fernandez, Mickael Herbelin, James McDonagh, Brendan O’Connor (c), Steven Owens, Jimmy Sisk
2023 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Patrick Bourke, Corey Crawford, Tony Cunningham, Damien Conneely, David Healy, Ciaran Keane, Eoghan Kilkenny, Ian Martin (c), Mike Martin, Joel Marmotte, James McDonagh, Jacob Mezza, Neil O’Brien, Olivier Sakr,Ronan Shaughnessy (Coach Brendan O’Connor)
2023 Eastern Canada GAA Junior Champions
Laurent Aymard, Kevin Barranco, Ronan Corbett, Aiden Gallagher, Ludovic Hebert, Mike Johnson, Martin Lawless, Luke Maher, Steven Owens (c), Kevin Tarrant, Liam Twomey, Thien Tran, Jimmy Sisk (Coach Brendan O’Connor)
2023 Montreal May Tournament Senior Champions
Patrick Bourke, Harrison Byrne, Damien Conneely, Tony Cunningham, Darragh Hyland, Ciaran Keane, Eoghan Kilkenny, Martin Lawless, Joel Marmotte, Neil O’Brien, Ian Martin, Olivier Sakr, Ronan Shaughnessy, Jimmy Sisk
2022 Canadian National Junior Champions
Alan Baxter, Patrick Bourke, Damien Conneely, Corey Crawford, David Healy, Mikael Herbelin, Darragh Hyland, Ciaran Keane, Martin Lawless (c), Ian Martin, Jacob Mezza, Steven Owens, Eanna Ridey, Olivier Sakr, Ronan Shaughnessy, Jimmy Sisk (Coach Dave Healy)
2022 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Colm Barrett, Patrick Bourke, Damien Conneely, Barry Cox, Tony Cunningham, Neal Cunningham, Aidan Gallagher, David Healy, Mikael Herbelin, Alan Kelly, Martin Lawless (c), Jake Ouellette, Eanna Ridey, Olivier Sakr, Jimmy Sisk (Coach Dave Healy)
2021 Quebec Football Champions (Represented by players from Connaught & Munster)
Patrick Bourke, Damien Conneely, Dave Glynn, David Healy, Martin Lawless, Ruairi McIntyre, Neil O’Brien, David Sahm, Ronan Shaughnessy, Brian Treacy
2020 Quebec Football Champions (Represented by players from Munster)
Laurent Aymard, Pat Bibeau, Patrick Bourke, John Burke, Liam Carter, Barry Cox, Dave Healy, Mike Johnson, Kieran Murphy, Florian Tabaka, Liam Twomey
2019 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Alan Baxter, Patrick Bourke (c), Simon Chamberland, Kevin Clarke, Damien Conneely, Corey Crawford, Teean Cummins, Tony Cunningham, Brian Dowling, Dave Glynn, Mikael Herbelin, Olivier Sakr, Jimmy Sisk, Liam Twomey (Coach Neil O’Brien)
2018 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Martin Baneham, Patrick Bourke, Michael Brophy, Ronan Corbett, Brian Dowling, David Glynn, Mickael Herbelin, Loris Langlois, Daniel Robinson, Ronan Shaughnessy, Olivier Sakr, Liam Twomey (Coach Neil O’Brien)
2018 Eastern Canada GAA Junior Champions
Damien Conneely, Cian D’Arcy, Jim Foley, Ivan Galindo da Fonseca, Aiden Gallagher, David Healy, Michael Johnson, Martin Lawless, John McEvoy, Harry Mc Keever, Neil O’Brien, Jake Ouellette, Steven Owens (Coach Neil O’Brien)
2018 Montreal May Tournament Senior Champions
Alan Baxter, Patrick Bourke, Simon Chamberland, Damien Conneely, Ronan Corbett, Tony Cunningham, Kyle Graham, Mickael Herbelin, Conal Mac Cionnaith, Neil O’Brien, Daniel Robinson, Olivier Sakr, Ronan Shaughnessy, Liam Twomey (Coach Neil O’Brien)
2017 Quebec Football Champions
Patrick Bourke, Damien Conneely, Ronan Corbett, Dara Corrigan, Conor Delea, Tony Cunningham, Mickael Herbelin, Jim Foley, Jake Ouellette, Liam Twomey
2017 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Alan Baxter, Patrick Bourke, Damien Conneely, Ronan Corbett, Dara Corrigan, Tony Cunningham, Mickael Herbelin, John McEvoy, Conor McNelis, Neil O’Brien (c), Steven Owens, Olivier Sakr, Ronan Shaughnessey (Coach Damien Conneely)
2016 Quebec Football Champions (Represented by Superleague team Verdun Vikings)
Patrick Bourke, Damien Conneely (c), Ronan Corbett, Paul Fairbrother, Eimear O’Leary-Barrett, Jake Ouellette, Laurent Sauzeat, Sam St-Laurent, Ali Telya
2015 Quebec Football Champions
Ludovic Boutevin, Olivier Brett, Damien Conneely, Conor Delea, Brian O’Donnell, Conor Farrell, Dave Glynn, Francois Goasmat, Michael Johnson, Martin Lawless, Ross O’Lochlainn, Kevin Mas, Manus McDermott, Liam Patterson-Morris, Paul O’Reilly
2014 Quebec Football Champions
Ronan Corbett, Neal Cunningham, Conor Farrell, Daithi Hand, Michael Johnson, Martin Lawless, Plunkett McCullough, Manus McDermott, David Nolan, Steven Owens, Vincent Power, Olivier Sakr
2014 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Damien Conneely (c), Ronan Corbett, Elaine Gilmore, Lindsay Graham, Larry Greene, Michael Johnson, Plunkett McCullough, Manus McDermott, Paul McKenna, Martin Lawless, Steven Owens, Olivier Sakr, Kathleen Zuk
2013 Quebec Football Champions
2012 Quebec Football Champions
2011 Quebec Football Champions
2010 Quebec Football Champions
2010 Montreal May Tournament senior Football Champions
2009 Quebec Football Champions
2008 Quebec Football Champions
2006 Quebec Football Champions
1956 Midwestern League Champions

=== Ladies Football===

2023 May Tournament Senior Champions
Jasmine Akkermans, Carly Bennett, Alicia Corriveau, Gabrielle Dobias, Frederique Horwood, Aimee Legault, Margot Legault, Iliana Loupessis, Mariette Parrod, Niamh Power, Jillian Simpson, Patricia Staniforth-Thibault (Coach Paddy Mahon & Aiden Gallagher)
2022 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Jasmine Akkermans (c), Catherine Barnwell, Samantha Brittain, Alicia Coriveau, Niamh Devaney, Emily Flaherty, Frédérique Horwood, Téa Jovanovic, Fu-Chen Lee, Iliana Loupessis, Orla Mahon, Mariette Parrod, Erin Rainville, Jillian Simpson (coach Paddy Mahon)
2019 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Jasmine Akkermans, Chloe Berthioune-Verrette, Sam Clark, Amy Holdcroft, Frédérique Horwood, Emily Jibb, Audrey Le Gall Payne, Eimear O’Leary, Aimee Legault, Claire Lubell (c), Julie Morrice, Mariette Parrod, Shera Robinson (Coach Paddy Mahon & Steven Owens)


2022 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Colm Barrett, Patrick Bourke (c), Damien Conneely, Tony Cunningham, Barry Cox, Alan Kelly, Martin Lawless, Jake Ouellette, Eanna Reidy, Olivier Sakr, Jimmy Sisk (Coach Barry Cox)
2022 Montreal May tournament Senior Champions
Laurent Aymard, Alan Baxter, Patrick Bourke, Damien Conneely, Ronan Corbett, Barry Cox, Tom Dayon, Grant Harris, Martin Lawless, Kieran Murphy, Jake Ouellette, Olivier Sakr, Jimmy Sisk, Matt Starr, Liam Twomey, Curtis Watson, Emmanuel Wilson (Coach Barry Cox)
2017 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Alan Baxter, Suibhne Blaix, Patrick Bourke, Laura Brody (c), Martin Burke, Damien Conneely, Ronan Corbett, Kevin Hughes, Michael Johnson, Loris Langlois, Martin Lawless, John McEvoy, Conor McNelis, Jake Ouellette, Liam Patterson-Morris, Paul Ryan, Olivier Sakr (Coach Laura Brody)
1974 Toronto GAA Junior Hurling Champions
1973 North American Junior Hurling Champions
1961 North American Senior Hurling Champions
Denïs Baker, Pat Baker, Mike Collins, Liam Cotter, Tom  Daly, Dan Dillon, Pat Dunne, Steve Fahey, Brendan Glenane, Ned Healy, Andy Irish, Jimmy King, Martin King, Denis Leyne, Pat O’Meara, Pat Power, Dessie Vaughan 
1956 Midwestern League Champions
Dennis Baker, Jim O’Brien, Noel Carey, Joe Conroy, Dan Dillon, John Fahey, Pete Glenane, Brendan Glenane, Dan Grace, Ned Healy, Martin King, George Mulqueen, Tom Murnane, Pat Pollard, Pat Power, Ned Regan, Desi Vaughan


2023 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Larissa Andrusyshyn, Caitlin Brennan, Alicia Corriveau, Carben Hamilton, Iliana Loupessis, Charlotte Martin, Eloise Raymond-Desrosiers, Jillian Simpson (c), Sara Waitzer (Coach Jake Ouellette & Audrey Mathieu)
2022 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Jasmine Akkermans, Catherine Barnwell, Alicia Corriveau, Niamh Devaney, Iliana Loupessis (c), Orla Mahon, Jessica McMaster, Jillian Simpson (Coach Jake Ouellette)
2021 Heritage Cup Champions
Alanna Budden, Veronique Buisson, Haleigh Conway (Ottawa Gaels), Saoirse Griffin, Julie Houle, Emilie Lavallee-Funston (Ottawa Gaels), Roisin McDonald, Julie Morrice, Shannon Pine (Coach Julie Houle)
2019 Heritage Cup Co-Champions (Quebec Patriotes)
Lea-Marie Caron (Quebec), Alex Furlong (Quebec), Julie Houle (c), Audrey Mathieu, Charlotte Martin (Quebec), Lucy O’Connor
2018 Eastern Canada GAA Senior Champions
Lisa Benneth (Halifax) Veronique Buisson, Emma Cullen (Halifax), Niamh Devaney (c), Jenn Dumais, Andrea Gaumond, Erin Hynes, Emily Jibb, Tiphaine Levrat, Saraid McCarrick, Paola Ruckoldt (Coach Mairt Burke)

===Individual Awards===

===Club Member of the Year===

2023 – Jim Foley
2022 – Jake Ouellette
2021 – Julie Morrice
2019 – Steven Owens
2018 – Mairt Burke
2017 – Damien Conneely
2016 – Tony Cunningham & Jennifer Dumais
2015 – Paul Tormey
2014 – Tony Cunningham
2013 – Ronan Corbett
2012 – Steven Owens & Ronan Shaughnessy
2009 – Tom Foxe
2008 – Patricia Staniforth
2007 – Paul & Donna Moran
2006 – Tom & Peggy Sclater
2005 – Billy Coen

===Hall of Shamrocks (Honorary Club Presidents)===

Inducted in May 2018 – Martin Greene & Paul Moran

===Male Player of the Year (Football)===

2023 – Damien Conneely (Nominated – Corey Crawford – Ian Martin – Hames McDonagh – Ronan Shaughnessy)
2022 – Martin Lawless (Nominated – Olivier Sakr – Darragh Hyland)
2021 – Mickael Herbelin (Nominated -Corey Crawford – Patrick Bourke)
2019 – Kevin Clarke (Nominated -Tony Cunningham – Teean Cummins)
2018 – Patrick Bourke (Nominated -Tony Cunningham – Ronan Shaughnessy – Dan Robinson)
2017 – Patrick Bourke (Nominated – Alan Baxter – Tony Cunningham – Conor McNelis)
2016 – Steven Owens (Nominated – Neil O’Brien – Liam Patterson-Morris)
2015 – Olivier Sakr
2014 – Damien Conneely
2013 – Tony Cunningham
2012 – Martin Lawless
2011 – Shane Foley
2010 – Larry Greene
2009 – Jojo Boyle
2008 – Alan Buckley
2007 – Donal Lacey
2006 – Brian Firzpatrick
2005 – Oliver Kelly
2004 – Patrick Devey
2003 – Brendan Reid

===Female Player of the Year (Football)===

2023 – Aimee Legault (Nominated – Alicia Corriveau – Marriette Parrod)
2022 – Iliana Loupessis (Nominated – Mariette Parrod – Jasmine Akkermans – Fred Horwood – Emily Flaherty – Larissa Andrusyshyn)
2021 – Mariette Parrod (Nominated – Julie Morrice – Jasmine Akkermans – Orla Mahon)
2019 – Aimee Legault
2018 – Claire Lubell (Nominated – Niamh Devaney – Emily Jibb – Annie Gaumond)
2017 – Laura Brody (Nominated – Mariette Parrod – Shera Robinson)
2016 – Shaundel Leamon (Nominated – Jennifer Dumais – Dale Bradley – Mariette Parrod)
2015 – Mariette Parrod
2014 – Kelly Cambridge
2013 – Kylie Mcllwaine
2012 – Lindsay Webb
2009 – Elaine Gilmore
2008 – Oonagh O’Neil
2007 – Elaine Gilmore
2006 – Triona Campbell
2005 – Nancy Cloutier
2004 – Jennifer Sclater
2003 – Christina Plamonte

===Male MIP of the Year (Football)===

2023 – Joel Portier (Nominated Mike Brignall – Ludovic Hebert – Mike Martin)
2022 – James Sisk (Nominated Thien Tran – Ian Martin)
2021 – Laurent Aymard (Nominated Brian Treacy – Tim Apadeile)
2019 – Corey Crawford (Nominated Brian Treacy – Jim Foley)
2018 – Liam Twomey (Nominated Mickael Herbelin – Loris Langlois – Jake Ouellette)
2017 – Mickael Herbelin (Nominated Loris Langlois – Liam Twomey)
2016 – Ludovic Boutevin (Nominated Paul Fairbrother – David Glynn – David Lemonnier)
2015 – Liam Patterson-Morris
2014 – Samuel St-Laurent
2013 – Matt Buttler
2012 – Guillaume Ducharme
2011 – Michael Johnson
2010 – Darragh Ennis
2009 – Olivier Sakr
2008 – Michael Batalha
2007 – Michael Martin
2006 – Yael Bouaud

===Ladies MIP of the Year (Football)===

2023 – Paris Williams (Nominated Carben Hamilton – Marie-Eve Jacobs)
2022 – Jillian Simpson (Nominated Orla Mahon – Carly Bennett – Kaya Dube Snow – Alicia Corriveau – Tanja Wax)
2021 – Natasha Teich (Nominated Samantha Brittain – Manon Walsh – Kaya Dube Snow – Catherine Barnwell – Aveen Mahon)
2019 – Carine Machaalani (Nominated Orla Mahon, Manon Walsh, Paola Ruckholdt)
2018 – Emily Jibb (Nominated Paola Ruckholdt – Audrey Taillefer)
2017 – Ariane Jodoin (Nominated Claire Lubell – Paris Williams)
2016 – Emily Oelberg (Nominated Michelle Lee – Yette Gram – Julie Morrice – Annie Gaumond)


===MVP of the Year (Hurling)===

2023 – Liam Twomey (Nominated Patrick Bourke – Damien Conneely – Harrison Byrne)
2022 – Patrick Bourke (Nominated Tom Dayon – Damien Conneely)
2021 – Liam Twomey (Nominated James Sisk – Damien Conneely)
2019 – Kieran Murphy (Nominated Patrick Bourke – James Sisk – Emmanuel Wilson – Liam Twomey)
2018 – Michael Brophy (Nominated Patrick Bourke – Ronan Corbett – Martin Lawless)
2017 – Patrick Bourke (Nominated Laura Brody – Paul Ryan)
2016 – Conor Delea (Nominated Jimmy Buckley – Laura Brody – Martin Burke)

===MIP of the Year (Hurling)===

2023 – Jeremy Dineen (Nominated Mike Brignall – Mike St-Pierre)
2022 – Grant Harris (Nominated Jason Quigley – Jeremy Dineen)
2021 – Jake Ouellette (Nominated Brian Treacy – Tony Cunningham)
2019 – Tom Dayon (Nominated Brian Treacy – Mike Johnson – Curtis Watson – Jake Ouellette)
2018 – Loris Langlois (Nominated Stephen Ashworth – Tom Dayon – Ivan Fonseca – Jake Ouellette)
2017 – John McEvoy (Nominated Alan Baxter – Loris Langlois – Olivier Sakr – Liam Twomey)
2016 – David Lemonnier (Nominated Michael Johnson – Shaundel Leamon)
2015 – Guillaume Beauregard
2014 – Matthew Leney-Greene


===MVP of the Year (Camogie)===

2023 – Larissa Andrusyshyn (Nominated Alicia Corriveau – Jillian Simpson)
2022 – Alanna Budden (Nominated Iliana Loupessis – Karolyne Courville)
2021 – Julie Morrice (Nominated Emily Jibb – Veronique Buisson)
2019 – Julie Houle (Nominated Audrey Mathieu, Veronique Buisson)
2018 – Laura Brody (Nominated Jennifer Dumais, Niamh Devaney, Saraid McCarrick)

===MIP of the Year (Camogie)===

2023 – Sara Waitzer – (Nominated Orla Mahon – Eloise Raymond – Manon Walsh)
2022 – Larissa Andrusyshyn (Nominated Jillian Simpson – Carly Bennett)
2021 – Clara Pougeard (Nominated Julie Morrice – Shannon Pine)
2019 – Tiphaine Levrat (Nominated Vanessa Chaton, Julie Morrice, Annie Gaumond)
2018 – Emily Jibb (Nominated Tiphaine Levrat, Paola Ruckoldt, Annie Gaumond)

===Rising Star===

2023 – Mike St-Pierre
2022 – Iliana Loupessis
2021 – Erin Rainville (Nominated Kaya Dube Snow – Aveen Mahon)
2019 – Frédérique Horwood

===Referees of the year===

2023 – Jasmine Akkermans – Laurent Aymard – Carly Bennett – Patrick Bourke – Neil O’Brien, Damien Conneely, Brendan O’Connor, Ronan Corbett, Dave Healy – Martin Lawless, Ilianna Loupessis – Patrick Mahon, Orla Mahon, Carine Machaalani, Jake Ouellette, Steven Owens, Shera Robinson
2022 – Neil O’Brien, Damien Conneely, Brendan O’Connor, Ronan Corbett, Martin Lawless, Patrick Mahon, Orla Mahon, Jake Ouellette, Steven Owens, Shera Robinson
2021 – Neil O’Brien, Damien Conneely, Brendan O’Connor, Ronan Corbett, Corey Crawford, Patrick Mahon, Jake Ouellette, Shera Robinson, Liam Twomey

===Spirit of the Shamrocks (Best sportsmen like conduct)===

2021 – Neil O’Brien, Aidan Gallagher & Julie Houle
2019 – Manon Walsh, Ariane Jodoin, Keith Pine, Dianah Johnson, Brian Treacy, Cormac Noonan & Teean Cummins
2018 – Annie Gaumond, Mickael Herbelin & Jake Ouellette

===Volunteer of the Year===

2018 – Shera Robinson

===Individual Tournament Awards===

2023 – Eastern Canadian Championships Senior football Men MVP – Eoghan Kilkenny
2023 – Eastern Canadian Championships Junior football Men MIP – Ronan Corbett
2023 – Eastern Canadian Championships Camogie MVP – Alicia Corriveau
2022 – Canadian National Junior football Men MVP – Damien Conneely
2022 – Eastern Canadian Championships Camogie MVP – Iliana Loupessis
2022 – Eastern Canadian Championships Hurling MVP – Colm Barrett
2021 – Heritage Cup Hurling MVP – Jake Ouellette
2021 – Heritage Cup Camogie MVP – Alanna Budden
2019 – Heritage Cup Camogie MVP – Lucy O’Connor
2019 – Eastern Canadian Championships Senior Football Men MVP – Tony Cunningham
2019 – Eastern Canadian Championships Senior Football Ladies MVP – Frédérique Horwood
2018 – Eastern Canadian Championships Senior Football Men MVP – Ronan Shaughnessy
2018 – Eastern Canadian Championships Junior Football Men MVP – Damien Conneely
2018 – Eastern Canadian Championships Junior Football Ladies MVP – Niamh Devaney
2017 – Eastern Canadian Championships Senior Football Men  MVP – Ronan Shaughnessy
2017 – Eastern Canadian Championships Senior Football Ladies MVP – Evelyne Moisan
2014 – Eastern Canadian Championships Senior Football Men MVP – Damien Conneely

===Players sent to represent Canada at the World Games===

Derry World Games
Men’s Football: Yacine Baouche, Corey Crawford, Guillaume Ducharme, Mickael Herbelin, Olivier Sakr, Laurent Aymard
Ladies Football: Pamela Alvarez Farfan, Carly Bennett, Alicia Corriveau, Gabriella Dobias, Téa Jovanovic, Aimee Legault, Margo Legault, Claire Lubell, Iliana Loupessis, Mariette Parrod, Jillian Simpson, Patricia Staniforth
Hurling: Tom Dayon, Jeremy Dineen, Ivan Fonseca, Jake Ouellette, Michael St-Pierre, Liam Twomey, Emmanuel Wilson (Shield winners)
Camogie: Larissa Andrusyshyn, Alanna Budden, Veronique Buisson, Vanessa Chaton, Karolyne Courville, Carben Hamilton, Orla Mahon, Audrey Mathieu, Charlotte Martin, Eloise Raymond-Desrosiers, Michelle Rochon, Jenna Thompson, Sara Waitzer, Manon Walsh (Shield winners)

Waterford World Games
Men’s Football: Simon Chamberland, Corey Crawford, Mickael Herbelin, Olivier Sakr, Liam Twomey
Ladies Football: Jasmine Akkermans, Chloe Berthioune-Verrette, Ryan Byrd, Sam Clark, Frédérique Horwood, Ariane Jodoin, Emily Jibb, Eimear O’Leary-Barrett, Aimee Legault, Claire Lubell, Julie Morrice, Mariette Parrod, Shera Robinson
Hurling: Clement Broca, Tom Dayon, Brandon Doyle, Jake Ouellette, Curtis Watson, Emmanuel Wilson
Camogie: Veronique Buisson, Marie-Flore Castonguay, Vanessa Chaton, Karolyne Courville, Jenn Dumais, Annie Gaumond, Julie Houle, Tiphaine Levrat, Audrey Mathieu, Shannon Pine

Dublin World Games
Men’s Football: Ludovic Boutevin, Guillaume Ducharme, Paul Fairbrother, Ian Martin, Mike Martin, Liam Patterson-Morris, Keith Pine, Dan Robinson
Ladies Football: Jenn Dumais, Mariette Parrod

Abu Dhabi World Games
Men’s Football: Damien Conneely, Ronan Corbett, Guillaume Ducharme, Paul Fairbrother, Shane Foley, Martin Lawless, Plunkett McCullough, Chris Moran, Paul O’Reilly, Olivier Sakr, Steven Owens

Shield Cup Dublin
Ladies Football: Elaine Gilmore, Patricia Staniforth

Gaelic Football World Cup
Men’s Football: Murdoch Fitzgerald, Sean Havens