St. Patrick’s Society

The St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal was founded in March 1834, closely followed by the founding of the St. Jean Baptiste Society in June of the same year. The Society was not a political organization, but was largely charitable and national in purpose, and was principally social and educational. The Society was also non-sectarian.

The Society seeks to promote the Irish community in Montreal so that it can play a vital role in Quebec and Canadian society, which is made possible by the solid foundation laid by previous generations who made an outstanding contribution to the social, cultural, political, educational and religious life of the province. Inspired by its constitution, the Society continues to be the voice of the Irish population, so that it is heard in situations that affects the population’s well-being .

In addition to playing a leadership role, the Society cooperates with other Irish organizations to maintain the strength and confidence of our constituent community. It confirms the historic role played by the Irish as a link between French and English – sharing the culture and religion of some, the language and the history of others.

The Society is always looking for new members, who are encouraged to help implement plans to promote a dynamic and passionate Montreal Irish community.