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Draft Night 2020

Hey future shamrocks, come on out to Hurley’s Irish Pub on Friday the 10th of January at 7pm to find out what team you’ll be playing for in the 2020 super league.
Everyone is encouraged to come out for a great night, meet new players and give them a warm welcome to our club.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out for the kick off to our 2020 season

2019 Shamrocks Awards Winners

A big congratulations to everyone who picked up an award at our end of year banquet, with a special mention going to our Shamrock of the year Steven Owens, and everyone from the club that competed at the world games in Ireland this summer, pictured above.

The full list of winners are

  • Summer Superleague Winners
    • Men’s Football
      • Goose Village Blackrocks MIP: Robin Gauthier-Lafrenière (Nominated: Curtis Watson – Etienne Gauthier-Lafrenière – Jean-Bastien Bott)
      • Goose Village Blackrocks MVP: Kevin Clarke (Nominated: Alan Baxter – Paddy Mahon – Corey Crawford)
      • Griffintown Gaels MIP: Brian Treacy (Nominated: Mike Johnson – Paul Docherty – Daniel Simpson)
      • Griffintown Gaels MVP: Cormac Noonan (Nominated: Mickäel Herbelin)
      • Concordia Warriors MIP: Corentin Legoupil (Nominated: Fred Mac Guire – Alexis Kelly)
      • Concordia Warriors MVP: Tony Cunningham (Nominated: Aiden Gallagher)
      • Verdun Vikings MIP: Jim Foley (Nominated: Tony Purdie – Clement Broca)
      • Verdun Vikings MVP: Teean Cummins (Nominated: Damien Conneely – Simon Chamberland)
    • Ladies’ Football
      • Goose Village Blackrocks MIP: Orla Mahon (Nominated: Leah Bender – Richáel Farrell Courtney)
      • Goose Village Blackrocks MVP: Frédérique Horwood (Nominated: Roxanne Galerneau – Claire Lubell – Shera Robinson – Audrey Mathieu – Leah Bender)
      • Griffintown Gaels MIP: Carine Machaalani (Nominated: Paris Williams – Amy Holdcroft – Carly Bennett)
      • Griffintown Gaels MVP: Jasmine Akkermans (Nominated: Sam Clark – Mariette Parrod – Julie Morrice)
      • Verdun Vikings MIP: Marie-Flore Castonguay (Nominated: Shannon Pine – Vanessa Chaton – Ariane Jodoin)
      • Verdun Vikings MVP: Chloé Berthiaume Varette (Nominated: Aimee Legault – Audrey LeGall Payne – Ariane Jodoin)
    • Hurling
      • St Henri Harps MIP: Brian Treacy (Nominated: Jake Ouellette – Michael Johnson – Julie Morrice – Carly Bennett)
      • St Henri Harps MVP: Kieran Murphy (Nominated: Paddy Bourke – James Sisk)
      • Pointe St. Charles Cú Chulainn MIP: Jeremy Dineen (Nominated: Julie Houle – Marie-Flore Castonguay – Jeremy Dineen – Karolyne Courville)
      • Pointe St. Charles Cú Chulainn MVP: Emmanuel Wilson (Nominated: Tom Dayon – Martin Lawless)
      • NDG Na Fianna Rouges MIP: Shannon Pine (Nominated: Curtis Watson – Vanessa Chaton – Tony Cunningham)
      • NDG Na Fianna Rouges MVP: Liam Twomey (Nominated: Damian Coneelly – Tony Cunningham – Olivier Sakr)
  • Shamrocks Awards
    • Rounders
      • First Base Hitter of the Year: Dan Simpson (Nominated: Veronique Buisson – Aiden Gallagher – Patrick Bourke)
      • Bunter of the Year: Aiden Gallagher (Nominated: Aiden Gallagher – Aiden Gallagher – Aiden Gallagher)
    • Ladies’ Football
      • Most Improved Player of the Year: Carine Machaalani (Nominated: Orla Mahon – Manon Walsh – Tea Jovanovic)
      • Football Player of the Year: Aimee Legault (Nominated: Everyone)
    • Men’s Football
      • Most Improved Player of the Year: Corey Crawford (Nominated: Brian Treacy – Jim Foley)
      • Football Player of the Year: Kevin Clarke (Nominated: Tony Cunningham – Teean Cummins)
    • Camogie
      • Most Improved Player of the Year: Tiphaine Levrat (Nominated: Annie Gaumond – Vanessa Chaton – Julie Morrice)
      • Camogie Player of the Year: Julie Houle (Nominated: Veronique Buisson – Audrey Mathieu)
    • Hurling
      • Most Improved Player of the Year: Tom Dayon (Nominated: Brian Treacy – Mike Johnson – Curtis Watson – Jake Ouellette)
      • Hurling Player of the Year: Kieran Murphy (Nominated: Patrick Bourke – James Sisk – Emmanuel Wilson – Liam Twomey)
    • Club Awards
      • Rising Star Award: Frédérique Horwood
      • Spirit of the Club Award Winners: Keith Pine – Dianah Johnson – Ariane Jodoin – Manon Walsh – Brian Treacy – Teean Cummins – Cormac Noonan
      • Club Person of the Year: Steven Owens (Nominated: Veronique Buisson – Annie Gaumond – Jim Foley – Julie Morrice – Martin Burke)

2019 Christmas Banquet and Awards Night

Christmas Banquet 2018
Our trophy haul @ Christmas Banquet 2018

You are invited to celebrate the 2019 GAA season with the Montreal Shamrocks at our Christmas Awards Banquet.
Please join us for a 3 course meal, open bar from 9:30 pm – 1:30 am, awards ceremony, Nordic terrace experience and of course dancing the night away.

Event Timing: Friday November 15, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.
Event Address: 4020 Rue Saint-Ambroise Porte #140, Montréal, QC H4C 2C7
Event Style: Formal Dress