PSC Cu Chulainn vs N.D.G. Na Fianna Rouges



Date Time League Season
July 23, 2018 7:00 pm Hurling Superleague Summer 2018


TeamGoalsPointsTotal Points
PSC Cu Chulainn2410
Na Fianna Rouges5419


Match Report by: Jake Ouellette.

Week 9 had a lot on the line as far as hurling standings went. A win here would see Na Fianna catapulted to a first place tie with PSC.
Star midfielder for Na Fianna Damien (No one can spell my surname) Conneely could not play in this game due to a shoulder injury he received while playing in the Syracuse football tournament the week before. PSC unfortunately were missing their star midfield Michael (Look at me hit this sideline cut over the bar) Brophy.
The game started 15 minutes late, mostly because the fans and players were stuck in traffic, the dashing referee threw in the ball after a long wait and the game was on. Right away PSC captain Dave Keane was fast to put up a point for his side. But that seemed to ignite the flame within Na Fianna more than anything. Alan Baxter replied with a couple of goals and points faster than the scorekeeper could keep track. Cian Darcy tried to slow down Tony Cunnigham with fouls multiple times; advantage was called on every play and Tony Cunningham put the ball over the bar each time before the referee blew the whistle. Surprisingly only 3 advantages were called and no fouls throughout the whole game, were the players cleaner than usual or was the whistle put away so a smooth no interruption game could take place?
The second half saw the Athenry antelope Ronan Corbett run all over the field and making perfect passes to his teammates for points despite having PSC players hitching a ride on his back. Those plays also got him the votes as MVP of the game for Na Fianna. PSC also had their own MVP Annie Gaumond, she was seen blocking multiple shots to prevent goals. She demonstrated you don’t need a hurley to block shots as she used her legs, stomach and arms to stop the massive Rouge attack in the 2nd half.
In the end, missing Michael Brophy was too much for PSC and now we have a tie for first place. Was this game a small preview of what is to be seen in the summer league finals? A good rivalry is brewing between both clubs as they will both look to win their first summer league title.

PSC Cu Chulainn

# Player Goals Points Total Points
Annie Gaumond000
David Keane228
Jenn Dumais000
Martin Lawless000
Thomas Dayon022
Ivan Fonseca000
Cian Darcy000

Na Fianna Rouges

Total Points


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