March Madness Week #3

Week 2 of March Madness has come and gone with the teams have stepped up their games, logging a total of 267 hours of activity over the last week, and 15,053 situps and crunches, which is fine pace for heading into the home stretch! Well done!
In round two, Cirque de Sore Legs were unable to stop the juggernaut that is the Scrambled Legs and the Craicin’ Knees put a win on the board, taking points from the Craic Addicts.
So for the third and final round, the Craicin’ Knees are looking to keep up their winning ways and reign in the Scrambled legs, while the Craic Addicts are looking to add insult to injury by taking their first win of the season from Cirque Du Sore Legs
And finally, this week’s challenges! After time in week one, and reps in week two, we’ve gone for distance in week three. Big numbers being asked for here, but it’s the grand finale, so we should expect nothing less.
Best of luck to everyone!