Summer Superleague 2018: Week 12 – Friday Fixtures

Week Twelve, Friday Fixtures
Week Twelve, Friday Fixtures

The battle for a place in the final continues this Friday in Trenholme Park where all four men’s teams are in action.

First up the Griffintown Gaels will take on the Goose Village Blackrocks. Both teams took points in their last fixtures, with the Gaels playing first and beating the Blues to briefly move into second place, only for the Blackrocks to finally break the Vikings unbeaten run and reclaim their spot an hour later. Now they get to sort things out among themselves, and both sides will relish the opportunity and look to take full advantage of it.
Victory for the Blackrocks would lift them four points clear of the rest of the pack, and with only two games remaining after this, would put them in a very strong position to clinch a place in the finals. The Gaels would move into second on score difference if they win here, and while their claim on a final spot wouldn’t be as strong it would be exactly what is needed to spur them on for a strong run in.
Things are tight and there’s no room for error now, expect this to make for an exciting game as there two teams go all in to try and secure their place in the finals.

Next, we have the Montreal City Blues squaring up to the Verdun Vikings. The Vikings aura of invincibility was shattered last week when a tenacious Blackrocks side finally took points from them in an exciting clash. The Blues will be counting on this being the beginning of a change of fortunes for the current table toppers, while the vikings will be out to show everyone it was simply a blip on the radar, and it’s back to business as usual.
As a testament to how competitive the battle for second has been, the Blues are only two points behind current second place team, the Goose Village Blackrocks, and are still very much in contention for a place in the finals. They best case scenario for the blues here is that they compound the Vikings misfortune by taking a win here, and that the Geals will have beaten the Blackrocks in their match. That’d leave everyone on six points, and with two games left to play, putting it all up for grabs. Failure to win here won’t put them out of contention, but with the Gaels gearing up for what looks like a powerful performance in the run in, and the Blackrocks in fine form, it will make things much more difficult.
The Vikings for their part will know that all they need now is a single win, and they’ll move beyond reach of everyone. Their place in the final is already secured, and one eye will definitely be fixed on the big day, but a win here will also earn them a first place finish. Their performance against the Blackrocks was not their finest hour and will have prompted questions from inside the vikings camp, but this is an opportunity for them to reassert dominance over the league and remind everyone why they got to where they are in the first place.
The pace and determination of the blues against the experience and grit of the vikings should make for a fantastic match, with neither side letting up until the final whistle.

Both these fixtures are on Friday the 17th of August at Trenholme Park
7:00pm – Griffintown Gaels vs Goose Village Blackrocks
8:00pm – Montreal City Blues vs Verdun Vikings