Summer Superleague 2019 Finals

Coming up this Saturday, the 28th of September at the Vanier College

  • 1pm – Ladies’ football Final: Verdun Vikings vs Goose Village Blackrocks
  • 2pm – Hurling Final: St Henri Harps vs N.D.G. Na Fianna Rouges
  • 3pm – Men’s football Final: Goose Village Blackrocks vs Griffintown Gaels

Well folks, this is it. After forty two games across three codes, the finalist have been decided and now it’s winner takes all in one final match for each code.

Kicking things off we have the ladies’ football final, where the Verdun Vikings take on the Goose Village Blackrocks. The Blackrocks had to wait until the last game of the season to confirm their place in the final, whereas their opponents were one of the first teams to book theirs. This coupled with the fact that this final is also a replay of the winter final, where the Vikings were comfortable winners, might lead you to believe that the Blackrocks are the underdogs going into this match.
But in reality it’s honours even across all the meetings these teams have had this season, with two wins apiece, which is a truer reflection of these two sides. The air of inevitability around the Vikings has been lifted this season and the Blackrocks know that they can be beaten, but they’re still a formidable side with some impressive talent. So, will it be two for two in 2019 for the Vikings, or are the Blackrocks going to have their revenge for the winter league? Either way this should make for an amazing opening match.

For a change of pace, the middle game will be the Hurling Final, where the St Henri Harps line out against N.D.G. Na Fianna Rouges. The Harps have been the team to beat this season, dropping only three games overall and taking an commanding lead of the table from the very beginning, which they’ve never given up. By contrast the Rouge started poorly, with three losses on the trot, before slowly turning things around, and finally besting the Harps in their last game of the season. Head to head, it favours the Harps, who won three of the four meetings, but with the Rouge coming into this final on the back of a three win streak of their own, it could be anybody’s game. Like the Vikings in the opening game, Na Fianna are looking to make it two for two in 2019, and will surely give it everything they’ve got, but they’ll have a hard time besting a Harps side that will feel that for the first time since 2017 that their time is now. However it pans out it should make for a fiercely competitive game.

And finally, we have the Men’s football final, where the Goose Village Blackrocks, the winners of the winter league, take on the Griffintown Gaels, who failed to win a single game in that same league. And what a turn around of a season it’s been for the Gaels, they finished top of the table with only two losses and a single draw against them. This fine form had kept them in the driving seat for a lot of the season, and now they’ve just one last match left. For their part, the Blackrocks have had an equally impressive season, and have had the better of the Gaels throughout the season, taking two wins out of the three meetings. But while that can give us an idea of how this match might go, there’s no doubting that these sides are very well matched. The Blackrocks would very much like to complete the two for two that’s on offer to them, but the Gaels haven’t held silverware since 2017. Neither side will be willing to give an inch, and absolutely will not stop from the first whistle until the last. Which should give the very last superleague game of 2019 the kind of high intensity that the league deserves.