Summer Superleague 2022: Week Ten

Week ten of the superleague sees camogie action, with N.D.G. Na Fianna Rouges and PSC Cu Chulainn meeting for the third time, and the Verdun Vikings looking at a must win game against the Griffintown Gaels all starting at 7pm on Monday the 8th of August, at Vanier College.
In camogie, the momentum has been with the Rouge so far, but the gap has been narrowing, so if there was ever a time for PSC to move it up a gear and take the full points, then it’ll be now.
In men’s football, this is the last chance saloon for the Vikings. It’s been a season of near misses but if they don’t take full points from their final two games then there’s no chance at all of them making the finals. Even with that tall order fulfilled, it’ll still be down to favourable results elsewhere, but first things first.
As for the Gaels, victory here would make a place in the finals a certainty and also guarantee that they’ll face the Blackrocks in the final, but if they lose and there’s a chance they’d face the Vikings instead. Decisions, decisions…