Verdun Vikings (Men’s)

Founded in 2012 following the growing numbers in members the Montreal Shamrocks created the Super league and 3 Super league teams to help players train year round to partake in various championships. The Griffintown Gaels, The Goose Village Blackrocks and The Verdun Vikings.

==Current Captain==
2022-present – Jim Foley

==Past Captains==
2019-2022: Olivier Sakr
2017-2018: Ronan Corbett
2015-2016: Damien Conneely
2014: Tony Cunningham
2012-2013: Ronan Corbett


2018 Men’s Summer Superleague Champions
2016 Quebec Cup Champions
2016 Men’s Summer Superleague Champions
2015 Men’s Winter Superleague Champions