Winter Superleague 2019: Final Week!

Coming up this Saturday, the 30th of march at the Stinger Dome

  • 6pm – Concordia Warriors (Ladies) vs Griffintown Gaels (Ladies)
  • 7pm – Griffintown Gaels (Men’s) vs Verdun Vikings (Men’s)
  • 8pm – Goose Village Blackrocks (Men’s) vs Concordia Warriors (Men’s)

Here we are folks, the last games of the season, and for the men’s final, it all comes down to this. The Vikings, Blackrocks, and Warriors all have a path to the final, but who will clinch those coveted spots? And before we answer that question, the final ladies game of the regular winter Superleague season sees the Gaels and the Warriors clash for the last time.

First we have the Concordia Warriors facing off against the Griffintown Gaels. Both these teams will be approaching this game with a similar mindset – this winterleague hasn’t been kind to either side, as the Blackrocks and the Vikings traded blows in a race to the top, these two have been caught in the crossfire. But this final match will give both teams the opportunity to end their season on a high note, and look towards the summer Superleague with renewed optimism. The Warriors were victorious the last time these sides met, and would hope that their continually improving form will make it two for two here. Meanwhile the Gaels have struggled to find their groove all winter, but this game gives them one last chance to find the right formula. They have the talent, but the vital spark has been missing, winning this game could put them on the front foot for the Summer Superleague as they look to defend their championship.
This should be a tight affair, with plenty of action – the perfect opening to this weekend’s games.

Next we have the first of a double header in the men’s football as the Verdun Vikings will take on the Griffintown Gaels. Last week the Vikings were swept aside by a relentless Warriors performance, and not even a second half rally could salvage a point for the Vikings. So now they enter their last game of the season with a simple objective. They have to win here to stand a chance of making the finals, and will need to win buy a margin of thirty three points or greater to guarantee that place. Anything else won’t be good enough.
If they win, but by fewer than thirty three points then they’ll be hoping for an outright winner of the subsequent Warriors and Rocks game, as should those sides tie, then that will keep the Vikings in third place on score difference.
The Gaels by contrast have been stuck at the bottom of the table for the season, and even a win here won’t lift them out of that spot. But if there was ever a time for the Gaels side to find their form and rain on the Vikings parade, it would be now. It’d be revenge for the Summer Superleague final of 2018, and it would put the Gaels in a high spirits heading into the summer Superleague itself.
Wlll the Vikings, temporarily, regain the top spot in the league, or does it all end here at the hands of a resurgent Gaels?

And finally, the last game of the regular season sees the Goose Village Blackrocks line out opposite the Concordia Warriors. This is a a game that could mean the difference between watching and playing in the finals for either side, or we could have a preview of the final itself, depending on how the previous game plays out.
If the Vikings fail to win, then this game becomes a dress rehearsal for the final, as both the Rocks and the Warriors will be through automatically. If the Vikings win, then the easiest path for either team would be to win this game outright and join the Vikings in the final. But should they tie then unless the Vikings manage to overturn a thirty two point deficit, it will be the same outcome as if the Vikings didn’t win – a Blackrocks Vs Warriors final. Both these teams have been in good form recently, and they will both fancy being able to beat the Vikings should they make the final, or indeed the other should they not.
For the neutral, you’d hope it all comes down to this last game, with both sides leaving everything they have on the pitch and the better team on the day being the one that makes it to the final. But football is a funny old game and, quite literally, anything can happen. So do join us for the last, and possibly most important, game of the season.
It ought to be a cracker.