Eastern Canadian Championships 2023

A big congratulations to our men’s senior and junior football teams, and our camogie team for their wins at this year’s eastern canadian championships. And commiserations to our ladies’ senior and junior football teams, and our hurlers. All three teams played magnificently to make it to their respective finals, but it just wasn’t to be.
An a big thank you to the Quebec Patriots for organising a wonderful tournament.

Summer Superleague 2023 Week 10 Results

Results for week ten of the Montreal Shamrocks 2023 super Superleague:

Hurling: N.D.G. Na Fianna Rouges 03-05 (14) ~ PSC Cu Chulainn 04-05 (17)
Ladies’ Football: Concordia Warriors 05-12 (27) ~ Goose Village Blackrocks 04-12 (24)
Men’s Football: Griffintown Gaels 03-10 (19) ~ Goose Village Blackrocks 07-15 (36)

Hurling: Jeremy Dineen (Rouges), Mikael St. Pierre (PSC)
Ladies’ Football: Eloise Raymond-Desrosiers (Warriors), Karolyn Courville (Blackrocks)
Men’s Football: Kevin Barranco (Gaels), Stevie Owens (Blackrocks)

Montreal Shamrocks at pride 2023

A big thank you to everyone who came out to march with the Shamrocks today at the 2023 Montreal pride parade!
We had fantastic weather, enthusiastic shams, and that made for a great day to introduce our club and our sports to new people!
And a special thanks to Jasmine Akkermans for making sure this went smoothly!